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iHappy … iGlad … iWon!!!

I won I won I won!!!!

Well, not quite the lottery, but something special and luxurious for Ethan. Those of you who have been secretly praying for me to stop getting cloth diapers for him, please stop reading here…but actually I didn’t buy this ma…I got it FREE!!!!
I won a lucky draw contest at the DiapersAsia forum and the prize is one gorgeous Starbunz AIO diaper. There were so many adorable designs to choose from, I had a hard time selecting just one. Finally, I chose the puppy design simply because Ethan was born in the year of the doggie.

I was ecstatic the moment I found out I had won, and even more happy when the diaper came in the mail today, all fluffy and cuddly.
Lookit how gorgeous it is! And don’t you just LURVE the fluffy puppy ears??!!!

It’s supposedly a great diaper for the heavy wetter because it contains two hemp soaker pads, topped with a fleece top to keep moisture away. I can’t wait to try it on Ethan once I’ve washed and dried it.

Thank you Tiny Tapir!

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    That looks too cute to wear!

    Joyce says: Doesn’t it? I think so too!


  2. chanelwong’s avatar

    sssooooooo cuteeeee…..

    Joyce says: I know! I especially love the floppy ears!


  3. Allan’s avatar

    yeah…it’s so cute you could give it a name and keep it as a pet!!!…Congrats btw! ;-D

    Joyce says: And what name would you suggest?


  4. michelle’s avatar

    Diaper again?!! Anyway Congrats!!! Yeah it is very cute, I am sure it looks very nice on Ethan.

    Joyce says: Why not? The diapers are all so gorgeous, I love seeing Ethan in them *grin*


  5. slavemom’s avatar

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see Ethan in that cute lil puppy diaper.

    Joyce says: Thanks! I just posted his picture wearing the diaper 🙂


  6. chinnee’s avatar

    i was just about to comment on the cute diaper when i saw yur latest post, wow, u even won that!!!

    Joyce says: Yeah I did! I’m just so happy! And Ethan looks good in it too, eh?


  7. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Great looking diaper!

    Joyce says: Looks even cooler on Ethan huh? 🙂


  8. ablogaway’s avatar

    Wow, congrats! Such a cute diaper for a cute boy 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks! I love seeing him in it! Doggy ears and all!


  9. Shireen’s avatar

    That’s a very unique looking diaper. I like it too!

    Joyce says: Yes, and it is highly absorbent!



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