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The voluntary kiss

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Last night, on our way back from our family dinner at Queensbay Mall, Ethan got restless in his seat. Maybe he was a little bit tired and sleepy, but he kept on throwing my hand towards my handbag, and I knew it was cos he wanted to view videos I had captured of him with my phone. Oh yeah, the reason I was sitting with him in the backseat was because I had to make sure he didn’t accidentally call overseas with my phone. You see, we had to distract him with my phone while strapping him in the car seat. Nowadays, he prefers to climb into the backseat on his own and would then prop himself jubilantly in the back seat. He would then smile and grin for all to see and refuse in his usual strong manner, to get into his own seat. So that’s why we have to resort to these tactics. He’s still way too young for the seat belt adjuster, otherwise I would have gotten one for him…

Anyway, there we were in the back seat and Ethan was fidgety. I didn’t want to give in to his demands and kept telling him we were already nearing our home. He just wouldn’t listen. Then I suddenly started singing. I think I sang a repertoire of songs; the ABC song, One Two Buckle My Shoe, London Bridge and Head & Shoulders (the latter two are the same tune). He usually claps his hands when I am done, but this time, he clapped his hands and after that reached his hand over to my neck, pulled me close and gave me a sweet, loving kiss right there on my cheek 🙂 He will kiss me whenever I ask him to give Mommy a hug or kiss, but this time it was the spontaneity of it that caught me off guard.  Nobody had asked him to do it, and he did it out of his own accord…

I didn’t wash that part of my cheek that night…just kidding.

  1. wen’s avatar

    was he wearing a cloth diaper? very cute la, the woh woh..

    Joyce says: Yes, he is wearing his new Starbunz doggie diaper… he tugged at the ears a bit too.


  2. michelle’s avatar

    I am sure your dreams are sweeter after the surprise kiss from him.

    Joyce says: Yalor…no wonder overslept…


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    So schweet! Ethan boy really knows how to make mommy melt, eh?

    Joyce says: You bet I melted like ice cream on a hot pavement.


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    awwwwww how sweet!

    Joyce says: You bet!


  5. huisia’s avatar

    wow, my Jo never give me a spontaneity kiss so far…

    Joyce says: He will, soon…. if not, I’m sure he shows his love in other ways. We must never compare our kids to someone else’s.


  6. chanelwong’s avatar

    So nice…a great memory to remember

    Joyce says: Yes, it will stay on my mind for a long long time!


  7. Blessed mum of 3’s avatar

    I new here…he is so sweet!

    Joyce says: Thanks for stopping by and welcome! Yes, he is the pride of my life!


  8. little_szeyi’s avatar

    So sweet of him 🙂 I wouldn’t blame you if you reallly didn’t wash your cheek that night, hehe

    Joyce says: Yes, very very sweet! And he has done it on a few other occasions too!


  9. Susan’s avatar

    Awww.. that sugary *bite on your cheeks mah attract a lot of ants lor?

    Joyce says: No la…hehe…I make sure my house is ant-free…


  10. rani’s avatar

    Is the doggie nappy washable and organic?

    Joyce says: Yup, the doggie nappy is washable. I don’t know if it’s 100% organic though, but it’s made from 2 hemp soaker pads, and hemp is 100% biodegradable. The nappy is very absorbent though. Can last 8-10 hours overnight.


  11. slavemom’s avatar

    The doggie diaper is vy cute.. n fashionable too! After buying so many fancy cloth diapers, don’t u think he shld be out n abt w/o pants? hehehe
    And that spontaneous kiss was really sweet. He’s vy expressive now ya.

    Joyce says: But his diapers are all so cute and adorable and cuddly, I would be very sad when I have to toilet train him. Besides, I don’t think he is ready yet.



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