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Ethan at 27 months

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Little curly alphas from Amy Sumrall
Boxed words from Chantal


The weighing scale at home shows 11-point something kilos.  His diapers are definitely getting tighter, that’s for sure.


Growing taller, but have not measured officially.


I daren’t put my finger inside to see.  Sixteen (or maybe eighteen): 8 incisors, 2 canines (upper), 4 pramolars (2 upper and 2 lower) and 2 molars (bottom); maybe 2 molars on the top too.

Motor Skills

  • Can do the tumble-turn.  He started by doing the downward-facing dog pose first, and soon he extended that to the tumble turn.  I only let him do it under supervision, of course.
  • Improvement seen in parent-toddler class too, where he will participate by walking around and dancing to the music.  FYI, we are currently in the process of training him how to hop, skip and jump!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Some of the new words/sounds he has picked up recently:

    • Ball

    • Baby

    • Wait wait & where where (when we are looking for a parking spot in the mall)

    • Tee-dee (TV)

    • No no no…. & oh no…

    • Wah! & Wow! (imitating his Stand up ball blast toy)

    • Oh ta (we don’t know for sure if he is referring to “Otak” or “Old Town”)

    • Apa! (dunno if he is scolding anyone, or it might be a fluke)

    • Oh two (from Channel 302 Astro On Demand Previews)

    • Nen nen & Mik

    • Daddy & Mommy (getting more consistent; Daddy more so than Mommy *pout*)

  • More thick-skinned now.  Scolding him with a firm “NO” doesn’t usually do it, unless we repeat it and show that we mean it.  He doesn’t cry at “NO” like he used to before too.

  • Getting more and more sociable.  More willing to wave hi and bye to people he meets.

  • Picking up on imitating/copycat skills and can follow and do the actions for certain nursery rhymes when I sing them.  His favorites are: London Bridge, 1 2 Buckle My Shoe, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and lately he is perfecting his actions on Itsy Bitsy Spider!  Of course, it thrills me to no end that all the actions are done with the widest smile ever!

Food and Feeding

  • Milk intake has increased, and he can down 6oz (sometimes 7oz) in less than 5 minutes.  Love the way he burps afterward too.

  • Able to feed himself with less mess now.  He is quite adept at using the spoon to eat his rice, more so with his right hand, which leads us to think that he most likely is a rightie.  Sometimes though, when he finds that it takes much longer for him to eat on his own, he will manja and ask me to feed him.

Toilet Training

There were a few occasions where he led me to the toilet to indicate the need for doing his big business, and he did so successfully.  Failure rate is getting lower, and we are still working on it.  Not too concerned though, cos he has got so many adorable diapers to wear 🙂


Oh, by the way, there was a mini, but welcome surprise as Ethan hit 27 months.  He appeared in the Malaysian Women’s Weekly May 2008 edition!  His second appearance in the magazine thus far.  Hehe…can’t help being so proud of him.

Thanks to Anggie and Paik Ling for letting me know!

  1. Collin’s avatar

    Wahhh….27 moons liao!! I’m so proud of you Ethan koko…some more can appear in MEGAzine!!….you are a star with plenty of moons!..hee!

    Joyce says: Yes, soon you will also be collecting more and more moons!


  2. wen’s avatar

    congrats!! didnt notice his photo in there..

    Joyce says: Thank you!


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    Hehehe… wait wait where where… sounds like Ethan is a seasoned shopper by now!

    And… he watches Astro on Demand? LOL.

    Joyce says: Yes, his favorite mall ma…Queensbay Mall! He watches Astro on Demand PREVIEWS. We didn’t subscribe, thank goodness.


  4. blessed mum’s avatar

    He looks so cute on the mag!

    Joyce says: Yeah, that was taken when he was exactly 2 years old. Taken on his birthday.


  5. anggie’s avatar

    that pictures of Ehtan really Caught my eyes … hehehe, so playful and cute !!

    Joyce says: Thanks again for letting me know. I don’t buy the mag every month, so I rely on people like you! 😀


  6. sasha’s avatar

    so young appeared twice in magazine. Cool!

    Joyce says: Hopefully there will be many more times to come!


  7. Sue’s avatar

    Congrats… cute..

    Joyce says: Thanks Sue!


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    Happy 27 mths to Ethan! He’s growing n developing well. I can imagine him going “no no no”, coz my boy does that too. 🙂
    With so many fancy diapers, u shld let him go ard w/o wearing pants to show off.. b4 he’s toilet trained. hehehe
    Congrats on being the star again!

    Joyce says: Haha….he does the “oh no no no…” quite often nowadays. He goes around without pants at home actually, but Daddy doesn’t like him to be without them when he goes out. LOL



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