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Got me some Baby Legs!

The leg warmer fashion that was all the rage in the 80’s circa the days of Madonna’s Material Girl and Irene Cara’s Oh, What a feeling!  is back.  But not for adults though.  These days, babies and toddlers are seen sporting this megacute accessory, it’s almost a fashion statement in itself.  So of course, a Mommy like me didn’t wanna be left out, and I recently bought a pair of Baby Legs for Ethan from US (on sale at USD8 only, with 10% additional discount samo).  Ethan is clad in diapers only at home, so the Baby Legs would be a nice touch to jazz up his outfit.  And just in case I wanna put him in diapers and take him out, the Baby Legs can keep him warm.

So two nights ago, I took them out and tried them on him.  He was very curious and intrigued at first, because it looked like a pair of socks, except that it had both ends open.  Ethan loves to wear and pull off his socks.

But then look what happened when I put the Baby Legs on him… 

 …and finally, right before I pulled them off him:

 SIGH…guess I’ll have to keep them away for future use then 😛

  1. Vien’s avatar should’ve told me you were gonna buy the leg warmers. I got mine (for the girls) for USD33 for 5 pairs. Free shipping somemore!

    Joyce says: Where did you get them? I mean, not that I want to get them anytime soon, but you know, for future knowledge?


  2. chinnee’s avatar

    KAKAKA>>>>>>>>cant stop myself laughing at the pictures….

    I bet Ethan thinks it feels and look weird……maybe babies more suitable but not big toddlers…hehe….

    Joyce says: Yeah I agree…he does get a kick out of it when I put it over my arms though.


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    The thought of baby leg warmers just cracks me up! ROTFL.

    I thought the leg warmer trend died out in the 80s and would never be revived… mana tau they brought it back for kids! Hahaha.

    I like the pic where Ethan goes, “Seriously mommy, put the camera down and get ’em off me!” 😀

    Joyce says: He does such a great leg stretch in that pic too, eh?


  4. blessed mum’s avatar

    gagaga…the 2nd last pic is so cute! My boys hates putting it on too! He will keep on pulling and screaming till we finally gives in.

    Joyce says: And yet we mommies keep wanting them to wear it. HAHAHA


  5. KittyCat’s avatar

    I was curious to see if Ethan liked them – LOL, guess not! Lucas and I have a major *fight* over dressing up coz he wants to choose his own clothes now…esp when they don’t match sigh

    Joyce says: I know what you mean! Sometimes Ethan wants to wear comfy cottony shorts instead of dress pants or jeans!


  6. slavemom’s avatar

    Not his cup of tea, eh? 😀

    Joyce says: Definitely not…but he does look so cute in them la!


  7. krystal’s avatar

    Hi there…first time here….I guess we got the same interest – CD and babylegs. In fact, I just bought 3 huggalugs for Jaden, my younger son and he’s just like your boy. Refuse to put it on! So now, I don’t know what to do with them…haha….

    Joyce says: I guess we gotta put them on our kids at a younger age. And yes, I am a cloth diaper addict :O



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