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My Mom and Dad left Penang for Ipoh today.  One week really passes so quickly, that in the blink of an eye, it’s already time for them to leave.  In the span of the one week that they spent with Ethan, his fondness for both his Ah Ma and Kong Kong has grown in leaps and bounds.  And I am sure the feeling is mutual too.

Both my parents have been an immense help during the past week, even volunteering to help me clean my living room windows and wipe the TV cabinet (*so ashamed*).  Most of all though, I am impressed at how obedient Ethan is with his Kong Kong.  Remember the difficulty we faced in getting Ethan to sit in his car seat?  A few days hanging out with Kong Kong, and Ethan would willingly climb into the car seat on his own and allow my father to strap him up.  Of course, Ethan, being very much into his terrible twos and all, received a fair amount of reprimanding from his Kong Kong too.  And now he will obediently NOT go to the playground in the evening when his Kong Kong says, “No no.  Dark already.  Don’t go to the playground.” 🙂

It also helps that Ethan has established a morning walk routine with his buddy pal grandfather.  Oh, did I mention that Ethan has been waking up at 6:30a.m. for the past one week or so?  Anyway, he will play with his toys, watch TV, drink his milk and patiently wait for my Dad to get ready.  As soon as he sees that my father is all dressed up, Ethan will rush to the door and wait for my father to open the door.  Then Ethan will climb atop our little wooden stool in our porch and wait for Kong Kong to put on his sandals for him.  And off they will go.  On working days, this routine allows me to take my shower and get dressed for work with no interruption.

So basically, Ethan goes up, down and all around with Kong Kong.  Pull here and pull there.  At e-Gate, it’s always up the stairs to the first floor to experience the wonderful view of the sea with Kong Kong.  It’s no wonder that Kong Kong is all tired out every evening 🙂

However, I think the tiredness is definitely all worth it just to see that adorable face of Ethan light up every time he sees his Ah Ma and Kong Kong.

This morning, when we dropped him off at Ah Poh’s place, my Mom told Ethan that Ah Mah and Kong Kong were going back to Ipoh today and immediately there was a sorrowful look on Ethan’s face.  I know he understands what is being said, because as soon as Ah Mah clarified that they will be back in a week’s time on Saturday, he smiled a little.  He hugged Kong Kong extra tight right before we left him off at Ah Poh’s, and cried a little.  And as we left him at the door, we could sense that Ethan was holding back his tears, so we quickly said a quick goodbye and left.

Ethan definitely misses Kong Kong and Ah Ma and I am sure they miss him more.  He will surely be looking forward to next Saturday.

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Clever Ethan boy to listen to Kong Kong!

    And oh, did you take the title from Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson? I absolutely loved the book and was crying a wee bit at the end of it…

    Joyce says: I didn’t, but I would love to read that book!


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    Just like parent-child bond, there’s also a natural bond btw grandparents n the child. Even tho he doesn’t see them often, he’ll still be vy close to them.

    Joyce says: I certainly agree.


  3. michelle’s avatar

    There must be a special bonding between Kong Kong and Ethan.

    Joyce says: I don’t doubt that. My Dad has an affinity to kids.


  4. blessed mum’s avatar

    great bond he has with his grandparents!

    Joyce says: And a very special one indeed!


  5. Audrey’s avatar

    Hey dear, thanks for coming over to my scrappy blog! I thought I’d do the same, but I can’t say the same cos one cannot compare scrappy blog to beautiful diary 🙂 Ethan will be so proud when he realises that your labor of love never stopped when he was born.

    And hey hey how do you know Bart & Angie again? Please send them my best regards the next time you see them. Their son is lovely 😀

    Best regards to your mum too…!

    Joyce says: The labor of love continues onandon….I did send your regards to Bart and Angie. I know them from blogging and they also attend the Holy Spirit Cathedral church.


  6. wen’s avatar

    ur parents are so great! good bonding too!

    Joyce says: Yes, they are!


  7. KittyCat’s avatar

    Lucas was very obedient with his Grandpa too 🙂 Treasure those moments!

    Joyce says: We certainly will 🙂


  8. chinnee’s avatar

    Hhaha…talking about the dusty tv cabinet, I really pai seh…each time whenever I expect some visitors, must quickly go and clean them, kekeke….

    yeah. having grandma and grandpa to entertain our kids is best, as qiqi now loves having my parents around too. Too bad they are staying far, and we only get to meet once in a blue moon 🙁

    Joyce says: So I’m not alone in the cleaning cabinet arena 😛



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