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Ethan at 28 Months

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Mai chez digiscrapbook freebie from Monique Gascon
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Not much weight increase from last month (I think)…although lately he does appear to be “bigger-sized”.  Must get him officially weighed in at our next visit to the PD (maybe next week).


Haven’t measured yet, but he seems to be able to reach more things now.


Sixteen (or maybe eighteen): 8 incisors, 2 canines (upper), 4 pramolars (2 upper and 2 lower) and 2 molars (bottom); maybe 2 molars on the top too. Still salivating a lot.

Motor Skills

  • Attempting to jump and hop, especially when watching the kids in the Barney DVDs hop and jump.  Ethan will climb onto the sofa and move his entire body up and down, but both his legs don’t come up at the same time (yet).

Communication and Social Skills

  • Yay!  New words, and some old ones too:

    • Buh-bye! (done while waving goodbye) 
    • Daw-dawg
    • Two!!! (It’s happiness for all when he points to the number 2 and says that, but then we realize he refers to ALL numbers and alphabets as TWO. LOL.  Even now when we go to Queensbay Mall, he will run to the big 4 on the fourth floor where we park and say “TWO!!”.  Of course, we’ll say, “No Ethan, that’s FOUR!”  I believe he will catch on soon.)
    • Star (he does this with and without prompting.  Sometimes he would notice STARS we would not even see, and so these days, when we go out, Ethan would sometimes say “Star!” and we’ll start looking for it)
    • Snow (learnt from Baby Shakespeare)
    • Nenno (for milk)
    • Baby (all babies and children and kids are “baby” to him, even those older than him.  He constantly say “baby” now when he sees one of the above)
    • Wee!  (sometimes he will refer to the number 3 as “Wee” but it’s not very consistent)
    • Teevee teevee teevee! (while propping himself on the sofa waiting for the TV to be turned on)
    • Tatai (Baby Einstein)
  • Can recognize more body parts and is able to point to them on request: nose, ear, mouth, teeth, toes, tummy, fingers.
  • Can point out pictures in his book (flowers, banana, teddy bear and chair)
  • Can give a particular animal block when requested. So far, he has mastered the cow, the pig, the horse and the goat.
  • Can play “roll the ball” back and forth, but again, it depends on his mood.
  • Skills at kicking a ball has improved tremendously. Very accurately done.
  • Ethan is slowly engaging into the imitation mode where he copies what is being seen on TV, e.g. runs to the door and tries to knock and open it when he sees someone doing it on TV.

Food and Feeding

  • More food going in and less food landing on the floor.
  1. rinnah’s avatar

    I like the way you consistently update the blog with Ethan’s progress. And owh, that daw-dawg just makes me smile cos I can imagine Ethan’s cheeky grin!

    Joyce says: Thank you! And I like that fact that my updating efforts are appreciated 🙂


  2. sting’s avatar

    love this pix of Ethan.. he looks very handsome here 🙂 and I suppose life’s just gotten more interesting now ya…

    Joyce says: It certainly has… *wink*


  3. sasha’s avatar

    Yay! new words! I’m sure u’re happy that he is picking up new words now.

    Joyce says: Yeppers! Waiting for the time when I lose count of his new words 🙂


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    See? Told you not to worry about his speech. Before you know it, he’ll be talking back at you!

    Joyce says: Can’t help being worried a bit ma…but he is proving that he is beginning to pick up bit by bit now 🙂


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    Woah! this is good for him to look back when he’s older. Good job mommy!

    Joyce says: Thanks Angeline!


  6. Audrey’s avatar

    Hi dear! Am visiting more often now, and being rewarded with Ethan’s cheeky grin 😀 You know, when they don’t talk enough we mommies are worried, but when they talk and talk (as I’m sure Ethan will soon), we’ll wish for some peace n quiet…. perhaps its us parents who are the actual infantiles here… 😛

    Joyce says: Yeah, perhaps we are. Hehe….great to have you visit more often too!


  7. chinnee’s avatar

    when i always read about your update on Ethan, i feel so bad for not even updating on my girl’s progress.

    Joyce says: Aw…don’t feel that way…you’re doing a great job as you are! When are the twins comin’?


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    I know wat u mean abt being ecstatic when he recognised the number, or so we thot. hahaha My boy did the same with the Uno card. But when he took another card n said the same no., I knew he main tembak oni. But it’s ok, there’s no hurry. He can take his own sweet time to recog no.s n alphabets. 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, we are happy that he is happy as he is 🙂



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