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Our Father’s Day weekend that was

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Ain’t this a sweet shot? I took it candidly last Friday when we were having dinner at Nando’s. Pete always washes Ethan’s hands for him, complete with dragging a chair for Ethan to stand on, and indulging in some minor water play. I could hear Ethan giggling away as I snapped this photo, and I thought it was a nice photo to start off the Father’s Day weekend.

Happy Daddy’s Day to Pete!!!

Last weekend, I only had time to do a very speedy marketing at Jusco, so I decided to cook only for Ethan (Mommy and Daddy can starve…hehehe). Besides, I wanted to experiment on a few dishes, just so I could vary his diet. I was also eager to *train* Ethan to eat his meat and vegetables. He has no problems eating his carbs (rice is his favorite), but he won’t take pieces of chicken, etc, unless I cut it up finely. His protein source is mainly the siew mais he eats and oh…the sausages I steam for him.

So Saturday morning saw me preparing a mini meal for Ethan, consisting of pumpkin rice, steamed cod fish and chicken soup with bottle gourd. He didn’t take much for his breakfast, so I thought of giving him this meal for brunch, right before his parent-toddler session in school.

But he rejected it. 🙁

I tried the food, and it was seriously quite tasty what…

Anyway, I packed some of the pumpkin rice with a piece of cod fish in his bag. We headed for Nyonya Breeze for lunch after his class, and when I mixed the tau ewe bak sauce with his rice, Ethan walloped the entire helping! He even had some of my rice when he was done.

Well, at least he took the pumpkin rice…

Sunday morning, I baked some meatloaf balls using the easy-peasy recipe I obtained from allthingspurple, which contained minced pork, pumpkin, baby oats, evaporated milk and some mushroom soup mix.  The recipe was for a meatloaf, but I modified it into meatloaf balls, or cutlets, figuring it would be easier for Ethan to eat them that way.  Unfortunately, I left them in the oven a tad longer than I should, so although the insides were ok, the outer layer was slightly burnt.

And Ethan would have none of it. Not even after I demonstrated how it should be eaten. And not even after I gave him some with his siew mai. He would only eat his siew mai and rejected the meatloaf balls I made. SIGH…maybe I’ll make some non-burnt ones some other day.

For dinner, I whipped up a quick and easy rice broth for Ethan. I made the same soup as Saturday’s (which Pete tasted and approved that it was good), and boiled it with the rice, then I added some cod fish too. It smelled good and tasted great too, but when we presented it to Ethan at Friday’s (yeah, that’s where we went for dinner), he pushed it away without even trying it. On the other hand, he finished 2 grilled sausages, had some of my Chicken & Shrimp Diablo linguine (which was really good, but slightly spicy), and drank our ice lemon tea and strawberry shake.

So…something wrong my cooking, is it?

  1. Vien’s avatar

    Not you lah! We are having the same problem with Belle. I think the kids are becoming selective eaters now. We have been scratching our heads to think of something she would eat. Sometimes she hardly touch the lunch in her lunchbox. We asked other parents in the daycare and they said their kids are the same. Some days they will wallop everything..other days they will not touch the food. *sigh*

    Joyce says: SIGH…it’s good to know that we are in the same boat. Do let me know when you find something that Belle would eat. Perhaps I can try it on Ethan too 🙂


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    I can only think of two things…

    a) Ethan doesn’t want to eat your cooking cos you aren’t eating the same thing. Ethan wants to eat what you eat?

    b) Ethan is a smart, discerning shopper baby. Why eat homecooked when he can have Nandos n Friday’s? *grin*

    Happy Belated Father’s Day to Pete!

    Joyce says: You might be right

    a) He will eat when both Pete and I are eating together at the table

    b) And yes, I think he was already anticipating his Friday’s meal when he was there 😆


  3. sasha’s avatar

    sometimes we cook nice nice for them, but then they reject it. Very kek sum i know. Cos J did it to me few times. After that, i gave up. Semua makan luar! yay!!

    Joyce says: But it’s still fun to cook 🙂


  4. sasha’s avatar

    And yes, my son will only eat if both of us (dadidi and mami) are at the same table!

    Joyce says: Ethan probaby also wants to eat our same brand of food!


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    it’s just part of growing up. Sometimes when we look back at ourselves when we were a kid, aren’t we like that too? *wink* so no worries ok?

    Joyce says: Hehe – can’t remember what I did when I was a kid – must check with my Mum 🙂


  6. Collin’s avatar

    Happy Daddy’s Day Uncle Peter!! 🙂

    Joyce says: Awww….thanks Collin! And happy Papa day to your Papa too!


  7. KittyCat’s avatar

    Lucas is just the opposite! He LOVES fish but I can’t get him to take chicken and despite the Chinaman he is, he hates pork.

    Dunno about Ethan but Lucas is a very simple little man. I find him eating REALLY simple stuff without fuss but he’d spit and shake his head at complex concoctions I slave over…

    Your cod fish looks nice – I din know you could add kei chi to steamed fish! Can share the recipe ah? Lucas loves both items.

    Hmm…I’m gonna ask AllThingsPurple for her meatloaf recipe for myself LOL

    Joyce says: Oooh, I add kei chi to EVERYTHING! Soup, steamed chicken, steamed fish…The recipe is also very simple…just sprinkle on top of the cod fish before steaming and you’re done 🙂


  8. Audrey’s avatar

    Hi dear! Yalahhh Charu’s the SAME onni; when we eat out, no way will she eat anything brought from home. I think its a case of hey-this-swanky-joint-better-serve-exciting-food-to-everyone-INCLUDING-meee!!!! Rohan is almost there; we bring his food out and he may eat about half before he realises that there is more to gastronomical satisfaction than the porridge n soup he’s having. So whatudu? Kick the baby chair and point at all the colourful things on the table!!! 😀

    Thanks for sharing that, reading your post and the accompanying comments makes me feel less humphy about taking all the trouble to cook healthy nutritious food only to have it get rejected spoonful after precious spoonful and launched in all directions but baby’s mouth 😛

    Joyce says: Yeah, it’s the reality of it all – not everything nutritious we dish out is taken by our kids….we can only do our best! I’m glad to learn that we are in the same boat 🙂


  9. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Definitely not for cooking…which looks darn good actually! Feels to me that he just wants to eat whatever you guys are eating. Last Sunday, I fried meehoon for hubs & I, and had the usual porridge for Bryan. He had none of it but walloped our meehoon. The next dinner, we all ate the same thing (simple fish porridge) and Bryan asked for 2nds!!

    Joyce says: Yeah, that must be it…. 😀


  10. Angeleyes’s avatar

    I think I’m luckier? Darrius is my all time fancee no matter what I dished out for him and sometimes he will ask for more. I will cook simple dishes which both my hubby and I eat and will give the same stuff to Darrius… I only prepare special dish for lunch when he eats alone.

    Have you tried buying some cute cookie cutters to cut out shapes??? I know kids love to eat their favorite animals and etc… You got to start your Bento-ing! 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, I have cookie cutters, but he is way smarter than I think. He will want to know it tastes good first before he eats them…doesn’t matter what shape they come in. Anyway…when can I send Ethan to your house for tea? 😀


  11. allthingspurple’s avatar

    Hey, all your food looks good, leh! If you get Ethan to participate in decorating the meatloaf, he might be minded to try it. Thats what i did with AShley. I cut it into a car shape and we decorated it with carrot window, cucumber steering wheel, tomatoes slices wheels and yellos pepper cut out gingerbread boys.

    Joyce says: Now there’s an idea! I’ve been browsing the Annabel Karmel books and am getting all hyped up over it 🙂



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