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Ethan at 29 months

Scrap Credits
Kit Freebie June 2008 & “Funny Bubble Alpha” from Loloden designs
Doodle Me Big doodles from Mikkel Paige Original


During his recent Hepatitis A jab and checkup, his weight was around 11 kilos. SIGH…and I thought he would be heavier.


Didn’t get to measure.


I’m very sure he has 8 teeth at the bottom (4 incisors, 2 pramolars and 2 molars); that’s cuz I managed to look this morning. He’s missing the 2 canines at the bottom though, like Daddy. At the top, probably 8 or 10 teeth (still cannot see clearly, especially the back). I’m guessing 4 incisors, 2 canines, 2 pramolars and 2 molars. So 18 in total.

Motor Skills

  • Attempted to hop on the trampoline. I was so tickled at the sight, I forgot to videotape it.
  • Can pull open the fridge on his own. Note to self: need to get one more child-proof lock for the fridge.
  • Can buckle himself up while in the high chair. Discovered this when we were dining in Friday’s. He can’t unbuckle though, which is a good thing.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Still quite shy at times, but I’d say it’s selective. He wasn’t shy at all when the parish priest came a-visiting just 2 nights ago. In general, Ethan does not like it when adults give him TOO much attention, like if people stare at him and talk to him in a childish singsong manner. If he is left alone, he will approach you. After all, we too do not like people staring at us, right?
  • More new words now, though not stringing into sentences yet. I am very pleased to be able to categorize Ethan’s new words into sections now. The way he says these new words is just so adorable, all of them with an intonation that goes higher in the end.
    Body Parts
    Ethan is able to name some of his body parts now, the rest he recognizes by pointing. He will respond when we ask him, “Where is your <insert body part here>?”

    • Noe (Nose) – He goes “Noe” while pointing to his nose. The other day he did something, and I reprimanded him by saying “No, Ethan!”. He paused for a moment, looked at me, then pointed to his nose and went, “No?” You just gotta laugh.
    • Ah! (Eyes) – He doesn’t point at his eyes (scared of poking them I guess), but he sometimes blinks.
    • Tee (teeth) – points and shows his pearly whites
    • Tub (tummy)
    • Feet – he’ll wriggle his feet
    • Toe/Toes – When we say “touch your toes”, he’ll do so 🙂

    And he can point to the following upon request:

    • Cheeks
    • Ear
    • Mouth
    • Tongue
    • Fingers
    • Hand


    • Peeg (pig)
    • Cow
    • Go (goat)
    • Hor (horse)
    • Dog/daw-dawg (dog)
    • Bird
    • Baa (sheep)
    • kwuck-kwuck (chicken) – this one cos I tell him the chicken goes cluck-cluck
    • quack-quack (duck) – no prizes for guessing how he learnt this
    • Eh-papa (elephant)
    • Bear
    • But-tah (butterfly)


    • Bah (bus)
    • Car – very good pronunciation, this
    • Doll
    • Cup
    • Bottoo (button)
    • Air-purl/ah-purl (apple)
    • Wee (tree)
    • Book
    • Tahb-ta (truck)
    • Poon (spoon)
    • Key
    • Bowl
    • Wa (clock)
    • Tahb-tahb (drum)
    • Boat
    • Puh-ta (pizza)
    • Hau (house)
    • Botter (bottle)
    • Bank – said while signing “bank”


    • Ah-purn (Open) – he’ll run to the door and go “Ah-purn?”
    • Cook – When he sees me at the stove preparing some food, he’ll go “Cook?” and point that he wants to be carried up so he can see what’s for lunch/dinner.
    • Blow – this one complete with blowing action. He will imitate the blowing action when Barney tells the story of the Three Little Pigs too.
    • Eat
    • Thump (jump)
    • Smile – done with the sweetest smile ever!
    • Kah (cut)
    • Bay (bathe)
    • Ra (run)
    • Tack (stack)
    • Ride
    • Walk
    • Read
    • Play

Pssst….is it obvious that I have been jotting down each and every word as he says it? 😆

    Alphabets and Numbers
    Still doing a lot of “two” and “two-ah?” but sometimes he will say “twee?”
    Alphabet-wise, he is picking up here and there. I think he can pretty much recognize “O”, “T”, “M”, “B”, “P” ; sometimes “V”.
    Shapes and Colors
    He can recognize and vocalize the “star” and the “square” (single syllable) shapes.  The rest like “circle”, “triangle”, “heart” etc, he can point out upon request.  He says “gwee” (green) when we are stopping at the traffic lights and waiting for it to turn green.

Food and Feeding

  • I’m still in the process of finding out ways and means to get him to eat more. Being the active toddler he is, Ethan needs to substantiate this with more nutritious food.
  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ahahaha… you had me laughing when I read that Ethan can buckle (i.e. lock) himself up in the high chair but not unbuckle (i.e. unlock) himself.

    Way to go with the ever expanding vocabulary! He’ll be a regular chatterbox soon enough. 😀

    Joyce says: He’ll be able to call you for chats soon!


  2. Susan’s avatar

    wah sey, quite a little chatter box we have there : )

    Joyce says: Yup, thanks to your VCDs that kickstarted the avalanche of words 😀


  3. Collin’s avatar

    Wee!!! That’s a lot of words dy!!!..Koko better teach me some when we meet yah?….all I can only do vocally now is laugh…hee!

    Ethan says: Okay Collin! I’ll try my best 🙂 They say practice makes perfect so I am practising every day now!


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    See? You didn’t have to worry at all!!

    Joyce says: Haha, but still, I am glad we went for that speech therapy assessment session. At least it helped us become more aware.


  5. KittyCat’s avatar

    See…he’s talking so much already! Lucas’ “jump” is “bump”. His “stick” is “tick” 🙂

    Ha ha ha that fridge child lock isn’t gonna work lah. He’ll either pry open the door with ALL his might or just yell as he’s frustrated he can’t open it. Take your pick…

    Is he a fussy eater too? Reminds that I’m overdue on Lucas’ update!

    Joyce says: I notice kids tend to ignore either the first part or the last part of the word, eh?

    Oh, is it? We haven’t tried the fridge lock yet…haha…but good to get a heads up from someone who has!

    Yeah, Ethan is a fussy eater too, but I notice he will eat almost anything when we are out dining. His appetite is improving though.


  6. Angeline’s avatar

    What you do here is truly amazing! Hope Ethan appreciates your hardwork.

    Joyce says: Thanks Angeline!


  7. slavemom’s avatar

    My boy’s oso starting to open n ransack the fridge. Sigh… nvr had that prob with my girl when she was that young.
    How do u keep track of his vocab? Record every day kah? 😀

    Joyce says: I have a small notepad that I scribble each word he says. Don’t know how long I can keep this up 🙂


  8. Oliveoylz’s avatar

    Impressive vocabulary your boy has…and equally impressed by your diligence in recording his every new word. My hats off to you!!!

    Btw, was back in PG last weekend. Saw you during Sunday mass carrying Ethan at the altar ready to go for the classes. Jr didn’t want to go. He was in shy mode. So, missed out to chat with you. Couldn’t find you after mass.

    Joyce says: Aisay….you could have hollered out to me! 😛 Never mind, next time then.



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