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A holiday with our *energizer bunny*

Yes, I love to call Ethan our little *energizer bunny* because it does appear that he never does get tired, although Pete and I are like dragging our feet and all we want to do is plop our heavy heads down on the hotel pillow.  Well, things have certainly changed since the miracle that is Ethan came into our lives. 

Last weekend saw us heading south to Damansara for a family getaway.  No particular reason, just cos we had a three-day weekend in Penang 🙂

This was the simple bento set I prepared for Ethan the morning we left…well, if you can call it a bento set, that is.  It’s nothing fancy like what the other bento fanatics are making, but it was what I could do with what I had at home.  I made some kiddie sushi style salmon bread rolls, butterfly-shaped sandwiches and apple slices, threw in some cherry tomatoes, and added some fish-shaped cheese crackers and a bottle of Yakult.  Guess which one Ethan went for first?  …. of course the Yakult!  Then the crackers.  He hardly ate the sandwiches and sushi rolls, and let’s not even talk about the tomatoes, which he put into his mouth at first (out of curiosity, I suppose) and promptly gave them to me.  Well, at least the sausage roll from Baker’s Cottage, which my Mom gave to us when we stopped in Ipoh, was a hit with him!

Here he is having fun at the Cycle & Carriage Bintang exhibition at The Curve.  He amused himself by pointing out the letters on the ground.  And soon enough, there were many other kids who joined in the fun too.  Looks like the “BINTANG” word attracted a lot more attention than what the organizers expected, eh?


We had dinner at Italiannies with my bro Allan and his wife Pei Gee, and of course my going-to-be-5-month-old nephew Collin.  Look at Ethan demonstrating how to grab a some Shrimp Aglio Olio with the tongs that were provided, showing that he is certainly an eating force to be reckoned with.

The next day held promises of a very busy and fun-filled day, and I was glad we started the day right with a hearty buffet breakfast, and then managed to squeeze in some quality family time at the hotel swimming pool.  It was the first time we had gone to the pool at Royale Bintang Damansara, and I had planned for it the day before, because I had brought Ethan there for a look-see and the smile of excitement on his face was too adorable to turn down.  It was a good thing all three of us had packed our swimsuits along too.  Check out his excited face when I told him we were going for a dip:

And see how he can’t wait to get into the pool?  Priceless!

The baby pool at Royal Bintang was shallow enough to allow Ethan to stand and wade around the pool, which he had not experienced before.  I had to reassure him that it was okay and he could stand in it.  All this while, the pool in our apartment is too deep for him, so his feet don’t touch the floor.  Even the baby pool in our apartment is about 0.7m deep, so if he were to stand on the floor, the level of water would probably reach his mouth. 

After some standing and wading around, he tried to *swim* by bending forward and moving his arms. Hehe…so cute watching him do that.  And then later when I soaked myself in the mini jacuzzi, he wanted to join me too, but the water there was too deep for him to stand.

It was a good thing we went *sorta* swimming too, cos we had buffet lunch at Shogun in 1-Utama.  Ethan had LOADS of chawan mushi and ice cream too.  And then after that, loaded with all the energy and sugar, he roamed the mall.

I had a mini bloggers’ meet in the afternoon back at The Curve, and so Pete volunteered to babysit Ethan during that time.  Well, Ethan did check out the play area in Marché for a bit before he waved buh-bye and went along his way.

When I called Pete after my gathering, I was surprised to hear Ethan still talking very loudly in the background, meaning he had not slept at all the whole afternoon.  Apparently they were in mph and Ethan was demonstrating his *reading* skills.  Took him back to the room to freshen up and get ready for dinner.

We had dinner with Pauline at Absolute Thai, and Ethan enjoyed his bowl of rice all on his own.  In the middle of dinner I suddenly heard a big *clunk* and realized Ethan’s teaspoon had dropped on the floor.  My SIL started giggling and said she noticed Ethan had suddenly dozed off while sitting in his chair!  Unbelievable!  That’s a first for him!  Well, that shows how tired that little fella was!  I took him out of his seat and cradled him in my arms.  He immediately fell into dreamland.  Well, you gotta give the lil guy credit for finishing his dinner before he decided to sleep!

However, just as we got back to the hotel room, he was up again.  And after his shower, he was back to his normal “energizer bunny” self (battery recharging only took less than a hour apparently). 

Ethan recently developed a habit/hobby of bouncing on Pete’s tummy.  Very painful I know, cos he has done it on me before too.  I taught him that he could also bounce on the bolster.  See, how happy he is?  Can pose and smile samo…

The next day, we finished our holiday with our routine dose of Ikea shopping and lunch at Italiannies before we left for Penang.  Ethan fell asleep as we approached Penang, but woke up when we arrived back home.  It was an enjoyable trip for all of us, but you know, all the fun aside, it was just splendid to be home.

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    he looks sooooo much like you!

    so true, nothing beats being back on your own bed!

    Joyce says: Ah, I get very happy when people tell me he looks like me 🙂


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    And the Ethan battery just goes on and on and on and on and on… must be some super-recharger station too if less than an hour will bring him up to full speed again. 😀

    Joyce says: Yeah, the super-recharger station is complaining that the battery is really quite heavy to boot! LOL!


  3. blessed mum’s avatar his cheeky smile…really so charming…

    and great work on your bento : )

    Joyce says: Thanks dearie!


  4. Vien’s avatar

    He looks like an eager beaver in that waiting-to swim photo. 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes he does! 🙂


  5. Pearly’s avatar

    Ethan is adorable, Joyce! Love your site! You are not from Penang but got married in Penang, how lucky for us! Thank you! I find Penang intoxicating till today even after over half a century of living here. ha ha

    Joyce says: Thanks for visiting Pearly! Yes, *intoxicating* is the perfect word to describe the Pearl of the Orient.


  6. sasha’s avatar

    that’s why they say “home sweet home” cos nothing compares to that

    Joyce says: Probably should extend it to say “bed sweet bed” too!


  7. allthingspurple’s avatar

    you can tell he is soo eager to get into the pool !!! ha ha.
    hey were u at the curve the weekend i was at FIL? that weekend of the gathering? or is that the following weeekend? next time you are there, drop me aline, okay? i live just down the road. we can get to meet up then. shucks that i missed the last gathering !

    Joyce says: Yeah, I was at The Curve that weekend. I didn’t call you cos you said you would let me know if you were around. Never mind, we can meet up next time I go or when you come to Penang!


  8. Collin’s avatar

    yeah…i really gotta learn how to be fit and energised like ethan koko too..!

    Joyce says: Well, you’re definitely headed the right direction with all the head lifts and rollovers!


  9. chinnee’s avatar

    obviously having lots of fun here 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes we did 🙂


  10. yippee’s avatar

    agree, ethan has your face.

    I am also looking forward to a short hoilday with family & son in Sep <:-P

    Joyce says: Have a fun-filled holiday!


  11. slavemom’s avatar

    The energiser bunny just ran out of battery w/o warning eh? kekeke But he got recharged super fast!
    He likes to bounce on daddy’s tummy? My boy likes to do that to ME! Aiyo… like gonna squeeze everything out from my stomach! Ouch!

    Joyce says: Yes, my hubby says to squeeze the ab muscles when he does that. Helps to build those six-packs 🙂


  12. Oliveoylz’s avatar

    The swimming shots of Ethan are precious!

    Joyce says: I love photos of him in the swimming pool. Maybe it’s the serenity of the water, maybe it’s the skill of the photographer, or maybe it’s just the adorable person that’s in it 🙂


  13. wen’s avatar

    i believe all kids would go for Yakult first!

    he really looked very happy in the photos! after resting at home and back to ur own bed, go for another round somewhere again!

    Joyce says: Yeah, after the recharge huh?


  14. yippee’s avatar

    Showed my boy the pics too, Ethan’s happy faces & the yummy bento set. The 1st thing he said “Yakult!”

    Joyce says: Yakult appeals to most kids huh? Sometimes I have to ask Ethan’s permission to drink one of his!


  15. Angeleyes’s avatar

    The Bento looks good!

    I wonder why boys don’t like tomatoes? Even Darrius will spit out the sweetest cherry tomato that I offered to him… 🙁

    Joyce says: Not sure – I think it’s the sourish taste that doesn’t appeal to them. Thanks for the compliments on the Bento! Trying my best 🙂


  16. huisia’s avatar

    haha, i just can’t remember when was my last swim..
    do consider buying the DSLR, i believe the “bouncing” photos will turn much more interesting 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks for the tip! … though the thought of lugging a DSLR around is simply beyond me! LOL!


  17. health freak’s avatar

    I love those butterfly-shaped bread and apple slices. Almost every blogger I know of had gone to Shogun 1 U…. I must try this place too!

    Joyce says: It was a last minute change of plans for us too, because the place we wanted to go to initially was fullly booked!


  18. KittyCat’s avatar

    Wah…nice bento! I must try it one of these days but they don’t sell the thin bread slices here for me to make the rolls.

    Sigh, Lucas is just like Ethan too – he’d go for the drink and the fish biscuits too. And maybe the apple slices. He’ll go Yuck! at tomatoes and cherries. He’s more of a Vitagen fan though.

    Joyce says: I used the normal bread to make those rolls, really. What I did was use a rolling pin to flatten the bread slices before rolling them up 🙂



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