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Having a ball of a time!

Ethan most likely has inherited the love and joy of playing in a ball pit from me. Pete claims he never relished the experience, but I definitely remember my little girl years of looking forward eagerly to diving and hiding amongst those colorful balls.  Even better if there was a slide that allowed me to slide down all the way into that pool of balls!

Anyway, enough about me reminiscing.

Last Friday, we were out for dinner at Queensbay Mall, and I spotted a children’s exhibition/fair organized by a milk powder company.  So we decided to take Ethan there for a look-see.  The very nice lady gave him a small cup of Enfagrow milk, which he didn’t want at all.  In any case, when he first started on formula milk, we suspected he was allergic to Enfapro anyway, probably because it contained cow’s milk.

Anyway, the exhibition was very interesting, with stations where kids could play and then earn stamps on a card (for the adults to collect a goodie bag later 😛 ).  And the one station that Ethan was attracted to most was the ball pit station.  He smiled and giggled and giggled even louder when other kids jumped in with him.

For a little while, he diverted his attention by moving to a nearby alphanumeric floor mat, where he eagerly read out the letters and alphabets, those that he knew.  Then it was back to the ball pit.

Just seeing him having so much fun makes me happy too.  But we had to force him to leave because we were already getting hungry and Dragon-i was already calling out to us.

To me, this is how a toddler should spend his/her time, just having fun and playing.  You don’t get to be a toddler forever, and it won’t be long before you’ll get funny stares when you jump into a ball pit.  Know what I mean?

  1. michelle’s avatar

    We ate first before play. 😛

    Joyce says: Ah, see…I didn’t THINK it would take him a long time to play… how wrong I was! 😛


  2. Collin’s avatar

    ethan koko…how come you’re alone inside? did you push everyone out of the ball pool already? *puzzled* :-p

    Ethan says: The rest of the kids were in the OTHER ball pit!


  3. Oliveoylz’s avatar

    No kid can resist the pull of of the colourful balls!!! SP never wants to get out whenever he’s plonked himself in!

    Joyce says: Yes, it’s almost like magic, huh?


  4. Angeline’s avatar

    Those balls are really a child’s love isn’t it? All my nieces and nephew and my 2 boys go crazy whenever they jump into the ball-pool!

    Joyce says: Yes, Ethan loves it to bits!


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    I love those balls too as a kid! I still remember there was only one place which had it during my time. A friend has them in her home but I think it’s too messy to set one up at home – imagine having to pick up 500+ balls at the end of the evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joyce says: Yeah, I cannot imagine myself doing that either!


  6. lil prince’s avatar

    He looks so happy!~

    Joyce says: You bet he is!


  7. slavemom’s avatar

    My kids love to roll abt in the ball pit in Kizsports. I’m a bit skeptical abt the hygiene in ball pits. So they don’t get to play in other places that’s vy ‘public’ n not well-kept.

    Joyce says: I guess that’s only logical to only allow them in places which are *clean* in our eyes 🙂


  8. wen’s avatar

    he looks really happpy! how abt a sibling for him to join the fun? hehe
    me, playing with grandma’s kitten in a temple and leased on kitty like a dog till kitty died. luckily grandma didnt scold us.. was really young at that time lor

    Joyce says: Yeah, Ethan really enjoyed the ballpit. But oh my! Sorry to hear about your grandma’s kitten….


  9. huisia’s avatar

    you can buy the little inflatable pool and balls for him…even can ask your hubby experiences it haha..

    Joyce says: But lazy to pick up the balls after him leh…


  10. rinnah’s avatar

    I thought I commented on this post but apparently I didn’t. I too, like Pete, didn’t really enjoy the ball pit as a little girl…

    Joyce says: I thought you did too, but probably this new WordPress made me accidentally delete it. Sawree…..



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