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We went to The Botanical Gardens!

Each week, like any normal human being, we count the days leading to the weekend, just so we can take a well-deserved break from work, and spend some nice family time with each other.  Ethan senses it is the weekend too, I’m sure.  He always seems happier when we pick him up on Friday evenings 🙂

And what’s better than the weekend?  Why, a 3-day weekend of course!  Which was what we had a couple of weeks back due to Merdeka Day falling on a Sunday.  Monday was automatically a holiday for us too, so in addition to our blissful afternoon naps together (which I look forward to each weekend, by the way), Sunday night didn’t seem so forlorn after all, since we also had Monday to look forward to.

That particular Monday morning, Pete and I planned to take Ethan for our long-procrastinated morning walk at The Botanical Gardens.  It had been ages since we took him there, so I was very determined to make our plan come into fruition.

So on Monday morning, I hauled myself out of bed, tired and weary, but the thought of Ethan’s happy face when he gets to go one on one with nature spurred and inspired me.  I dragged Pete out of bed too, and hurried to get ready.  By the time we reached Botanical Gardens, it was already 9:15a.m. but still not too hot, and there were still plenty of people around.

At first Ethan didn’t want to get down and asked to be carried instead, but as soon as he spotted people jogging past him, he made a lurch for the ground, and started running too, giggling happily and stopping now and then to point out, “Bird!”, “Tree!”, etc.

I managed to capture a video of our little runner too, but it was from the back.  See, he was running so fast, that I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to run in front of him and get him running from the front. LOL.

All in all, we made two rounds round Botanical Gardens; one small round for starters, and a second larger round.  The larger round involved climbing up a steep incline, the one leading to the hiking trail Pete and I used to explore frequently many moons ago.

During the second round round the Botanical Gardens, Ethan would sometimes ask to be carried, and Pete said he heard him panting a little too.  So our little boy is also smart enough to save his energy and knows how to rest when he is tired too!

We made a few pit stops at some rest areas, to enjoy the scenery and surroundings too.

And at the end of our morning exercise, look at the little one replenishing his body with some thirst-quenching H20. 🙂

  1. Krystal’s avatar

    Ethan is sure one active boy and it’s so cool to be exercising as a family 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, I really wish we can do this every day!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Gosh, Ethan looks like such a big boy in these pix! 🙂

    The second photo’s my fav.

    Joyce says: It shows clearly how happy he is, doesn’t it?


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan’s has had a haircut?? Looks like a lil’ commando – cute!! He looks like he put on quite a big of weight??

    Joyce says: Yeah, just recently…. I think the “weight gain” you are referring to is because of his outfit, which is meant to be fitting la.


  4. Collin’s avatar

    Koko…that sure looks like good quality H2O…mmmm…:-P

    Joyce says: Yeah, he loves water!


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    That’s great family fun!

    Joyce says: Yeah, we had fun all right!


  6. Blessed mom’s avatar

    he looks exactly like the daddy! and look at his muscular legs and hands!

    Joyce says: LOL!


  7. wen’s avatar

    nice park!! i wanna go to if i were in penang!

    Joyce says: Yeah you should come! It’s really nice for the kids!


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    No encounters with the monkeys? It’s been ages since I last went to BG. Am planning to bring the kids there the next trip I’m back.

    Joyce says: Surprisingly we didn’t see that many that day.


  9. chinnee’s avatar

    good to get out n BREATHE!!!!!!

    Joyce says: Yes, especially since we live in a rather urban jungle, being amongst greenery is always a welcome change!



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