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Ethan got himself a bungalow last Saturday.  Make that “bungalow”…in inverted commas.

It was “presented” to him during his playschool session as he was having his snacks.  He was happily munching away on his biscuits and then he apparently turn around to look at me, lost his balance somehow and fell down from the bench.  Normally he would be able to break his fall with his hands, but since his hands were full (holding the biscuits), he hit his forehead on the ground, earning him a gigantic bump on the left side of his forehead. 🙁

We were SHOCKED.  As was Ethan, because he didn’t immediately cry, but only after a while did he wail out loud.  We tried to put an ice pack on the bump, but Ethan would not allow it to be there for long.  After a few minutes of on-and-off ice packs, the bump subsided a little.

He looked his normal self, and was smiling away a while later.  In fact, if I may say so myself, it certainly does appear that he has become more active (and mischievous) after the fall, believe it or not.

Here’s a sneak on what the bump looked like in the evening:

I took this picture right after THE MATCH.  The TV in the background shows the logo of Liverpool: we beat Man U 2-1!!!  Woohooo!!!  Sorry, couldn’t resist that 😛

  1. michelle’s avatar

    Ouch! Poor boy. Hey a warm egg can reduce the swelling too.

    Joyce says: I never heard of that, but we always use cold compresses to reduce the swelling.


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Oh poor thing! It happens so frequently with Bryan that I’m numb. Shows what a negligent parent I am!!

    Joyce says: Well, knocks and bruises are all part of growing up, I guess.


  3. Joanne’s avatar

    oh poor boy! Hope the “bungalow” subside. Looks like Ethan is getting more and more active nowadays huh!

    **ask mummy to get u the REAL bungalow instead of the fake one ok** LOL!

    Joyce says: That one ask Daddy to get la 😛


  4. Collin’s avatar

    Ouch……hope you feeling better now koko. papa had a self-inflicted bump too that same night…

    Joyce says: Self-inflicted? Are you sure it wasn’t Reds-inflicted? Hehehe….Hope your Papa feels better now.


  5. Krystal’s avatar

    haha liverpool fan….my hubby is a liverpool fan too 🙂

    Joyce says: Woohoo! Join the club!


  6. Bart’s avatar

    Ouch! Looks quite nasty, that bruise and bump.

    Joyce says: Yes it was. I almost fainted when I saw how big it was…but he’s all better now.


  7. rinnah’s avatar

    Oh dear! What a big bungalow! Hope Ethan boy is all better now!

    *still ignoring that last bit of blogpost* 😛

    Joyce says: Ignorance doesn’t make it go away, dear 😛


  8. Angeline’s avatar

    hey! Little Ethan is a strong boy! a little more mischievous after the fall? Hmmm…probably it knocked some ‘mischief senses’ into him. *Ooops!*

    Joyce says: Yeah, that could be true! Hehe.


  9. mott’s avatar

    Mr.Bulat now got another bulat on the head! heheheheh…u take care… toddlerhood is full of bungalows and islands (on knees)..

    Joyce says: Didn’t know those on the knees were called islands 😛



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