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Snippets of our KL trip

We made a short trip to KL recently to attend our US Visa interview at the US Embassy, and also to meet up with our siblings.  We’ve explained to Ethan now and again that soon we will all be flying off on a plane to the States (I put in some sound effects for “plane”, which he likes), but we are not sure if he understands where exactly we are going, or even how long “a few months” really is.

Anyway, the Visa interview went well.  Ethan was allowed into the embassy with us, and he entertained himself by counting aloud the numbers as they were called, amusing all the Visa applicants there.

After getting our Visas approved, we headed for lunch:

Saisaki is located right behind Crowne Plaza Mutiara KL, the hotel where we were staying, so it was very convenient for us to get there.  Ethan was very hungry, as were we, and he walloped more than one bowl of rice and chawan mushi all on his own.

While Daddy and Mommy enjoyed the sashimi, steamed cod fish head and even MORE sashimi, Ethan continued with ice cream and (later) blackcurrant juice.

Look how red his lips became after the dose of blackcurrant juice…

…and how hyper he became after all that sugar intake:

Our hotel was very strategically located, as it was only a stone’s throw away from Pavilion KL, so we hung out there too.  Here’s Ethan enjoying himself playing with toys at ELC:

It was a very fruitful trip indeed and I am very proud of Ethan boy for being so well-behaved throughout the trip.


Our next long-haul flight journey awaits… 🙂

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Oh my! you guys had a blast didn’t you?!
    counting out aloud eh? With a cute little face like his, its hard not to be the center of attention!
    SASHIMI!!!! ooooohhh I’m salivating on my keyboard now!

    Joyce says: Hope you managed to wipe that keyboard dry!


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Ethan’s already so active normally… more hyper after sugar intake? You guys must have your hands full running after him!

    Errr… not to be a wet blanket or anything, but I thought raw fish should not be taken while pregnant?

    Joyce says: Hehe…yeah…I only took a LEETLE bit of the sashimi la….. 😛


  3. michelle’s avatar

    Have a smooth trip and hope Ethan are able to take the long flights to US.

    Joyce says: Thanks!


  4. Vien’s avatar

    Wei, you better call or IM me once you’ve arrived.

    Joyce says: I definitely will!


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    What??? You came to KL and didn’t call?? My office is like 5 steps from your hotel woman!

    Joyce says: Oh ooops…next time, maybe? We were in a rush most of the time, anyways.


  6. krystal’s avatar

    Wow…all the best in your relocation 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks!


  7. wen’s avatar

    soon u will be leaving! sob sob!

    Joyce says: Awww…. don’t cry…I’ll be back…


  8. chanelwong’s avatar

    you going soon ar….can meet up before you go US ar?

    Joyce says: Cannot wor…maybe when I get back to Malaysia?


  9. anggie’s avatar

    oh… u r leaving ??? for long ????
    hmmm…… must be a long way to prepared the VISA ….

    Joyce says: Only for about 10 months or so…



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