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Ethan at 32 months

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About 12 kilos.


88cm.  According to Dr Jessica, he is rather tall for his age.



Developmental Milestones

  • Can finally JUMP.  It happened one day during one of his parent-toddler class sessions.  He climbed on the trampoline and, while holding Pete’s hands, jumped up and down.  And now he is slowly but surely jumping around more confidently.  In fact, he can hop, skip and jump all over our apartment now!
  • Becoming more and more sociable and less shy when meeting strangers.  Less time is needed for him to “warm up” now.
  • He has also developed many different new facial expressions, one of my favorites being his cheeky giggle, where he giggles when he is tickled by something funny and he purposely moves his jaw up and down.  Another priceless expression is when he scrunches up his face in a cheeky grin when we ask him to SMILE!
  • He can finally address Daddy and Mommy CONSISTENTLY.  His “Daddy” is very very clear, but his “Mommy” is well…..slightly off-key.  Will reveal what he says later.
  • Our boy is one tough little man.  At his recent 3rd and final jab for his JE vaccination, he didn’t cry one bit when Dr Jessica gave the injection.  He sat quietly and protested at first, but when we told him it would only be a little while, and asked him to be a good boy, he cooperated.

Food and Feeding

Ethan is eating more now, but he still prefers his favorite rice and gravy.  He has kinda lost interest in eating spaghetti and noodles though.  I hope that he will start to eat more meat and vegetables soon.

N.B. Due to my tardiness, I might have left out a few milestones, but I will add them into the upcoming 33 months’ update soon.

  1. cindy’s avatar

    Hi Joyce,

    Just dropping by your lovely blog…& your son are so handsome 🙂

    Want to ask you at where you bought the fisher price rocker ?

    Erm…must be very expensive rite… 😛

    Joyce says: Hey Cindy, thanks for visiting. We bought the rocker a few years back in the US. I can’t remember how much, but you can probably google for it in the Fisher Price site. They do sell it outside of the US too though.



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