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How we survived the flight

Even now when we are more or less settled in the States, I still sometimes think about how Pete and I managed to travel that long-haul journey with Ethan, all the way from Malaysia.  Some planning came into play way before we boarded the aircraft, and although some of our plans worked out, some did not, and we had to be flexible enough to change and adapt accordingly.

Here are some of the things we took into consideration:

  • Travel as light as possible.  Each of us checked in one piece of luggage, and we brought only ONE carry-on luggage.  Pete and I also had our laptops with us, but thankfully, those could be slung over our backs.  The idea here was to have as many hands free as possible, so we could take care of Ethan.


  • We packed a few entertainment stuff for Ethan too, among others a brand new doodle pad.   It’s just a tiny one, something he could do to amuse himself.  I also had a sticker book in the bag, and that was a lifesaver.  He played with the stickers right before we boarded the flight to Hong Kong, and the book followed us all the way to the States!

The greatest challenge we faced in the aircraft was when it was time to buckle up.  Sometimes Ethan would cooperate, but most of the time, he preferred to be unbuckled.  So especially during takeoffs and landings, when we absolutely needed to put on the seat belt, Pete pulled out the most “imaginative weapon” ever.  Knowing how much Ethan loves to play with cards, Pete brought out his wallet, and Ethan had fun taking out and putting the cards back in.  That kept him safe and secure all through takeoffs and landings.

We wanted to rely on the toys given by SIA to toddlers for entertaining Ethan, but unfortunately, they weren’t much to shout about.  Well, he did get himself a toy watch, placemat and stickers, deck of cards and a lanyard, but that was about it.

Let’s hope the return journey in a few months’ time would be an improvement, what with us travelling with a baby too!

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Clever Mommy! those ARE really light stuff to bring on board, yet entertaining enough for the boy! *clap clap clap*

    Joyce says: Thanks! And we also made sure the toys we brought onboard would not emit any noise and sounds to disturb the other passengers!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    What about the cartoon on the entertainment channel. He doesn’t like that?

    Joyce says: Strangely enough, he wasn’t too fascinated with the small TV screen. He was more fascinated with the light switches, and just plain pressing the buttons on the remote. LOL.


  3. KittyCat’s avatar

    Ugh, airline toys are hopeless! I’ve always found stickerbooks, toy phones, window seats, the lunch tray, the safety cards, his fav books and the TV control really useful 🙂

    Joyce says: Wow…must be cos Ethan and Lucas are born on the same day then! Ethan loves all the above as well!



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