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What I do at daycare (by Ethan)

I look forward to going to daycare every weekday morning now.  When I wake up in the morning, I stretch and roll around on my bed till Mommy comes and coaxes me to get up.  Then I have my drink of milk.  Most of the time, Mommy will also give me a quick shower before dressing me up.  It’s rather chilly outside now, so I get to wear my long pants and sweats, which I personally think make me look cool. 

Sometimes while Daddy is having his breakfast, I will hijack some of his Frosties with milk too.  It’s yummilicious!  Then I’ll put on my jacket and shoes and head out the door. 

When we reach Aunty Van’s place, I like to stroll up the pathway to her apartment.  Sometimes I do a hop, skip and jump too!  Lately, I have been getting delicious pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast.  I love it loads, especially cos I get to eat together with my friends at daycare.

Sometimes Aunty Van would take a few pictures and that’s when I like to show how good I am at posing for the camera, see?


We do lots of stuff at daycare, like singing, dancing and even fun activities like bubble play and playing with the parachute!  We also do creative artwork every day, one of my favorites being the coloring sessions.  I bring home my art to show Mommy and Daddy every evening when I go home.


But it’s not just the fun we have indoors, we get to go outdoors too!  Aunty Van will take us all in a train buggy; we all get to ride in one buggy each, and we all need to remember to buckle ourselves up first.  Aunty Van takes us to the park, where there are play areas complete with a play structure and slides.  I love it outside, especially when the weather is just nice, not too hot and not too cold.


Daddy will be glad that the football training he has been giving me is not put to waste at daycare.  Why, just the other day, I got to show off my Zidane-like skills when we went to the park with the football.  Oh, over here in the US, I think they call it SOCCER.  But whatever it is, I still had tons of fun!


I’ve learnt a lot of new things at daycare, and I am definitely having a BLAST!  Sometimes when Daddy or Mommy comes to pick me up in the evenings, I am even reluctant to go home!

  1. JJ’s avatar

    This is far better than Msia’s daycare!

    Joyce says: Of course it is! 😀


  2. Angeline’s avatar

    This place is soooo cool! hmmm… much better than most of the daycare over here, don’t you agree?

    Ethan is definitely one lucky boy! and he is getting more charming by the day!

    Joyce says: Oh yeah, the kids just have good ‘ol fun!


  3. michelle’s avatar

    Wow looks like Ethan is having fun. Maybe we should start these type of daycare in malaysia. 😛

    Joyce says: This is the way daycares ought to be. Fun for the kids 🙂


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Great that Ethan settled in so extremely well. Ethan looks like such an adaptable toddler – good on you!

    Joyce says: Oh yes, he really enjoys himself and looks forward to daycare every day!


  5. slavemom’s avatar

    Happy kid = happy parents.

    Joyce says: That’s a very happy equation 🙂


  6. Jacelyn’s avatar

    it’s such a nice daycare, occupying kids with lots of activities….for sure, kids prefer outdoor than indoor….a lot different with here in M’sia.

    Joyce says: Yeah, and kids will surely prefer daycares that allow them to have FUN!


  7. huisia’s avatar

    his daycare from morning till evening?? sound like quite long hours for a little boy..

    Zidane-like, WOOOOWWW…sure smart and cool!

    Joyce says: Yeah, just like the hours with a babysitter!


  8. KittyCat’s avatar

    Hahaha…he’s a football fan too eh? Boy, he sure can kick!

    Joyce says: Yes he is! And he loves kicking the ball!


  9. allthingspurple’s avatar

    hey..we have a future footballer in the making here. He sure have all the right moves !

    Joyce says: He sure does!


  10. little_szeyi’s avatar

    You sure have lotsa fun ya. How I wish I could join your school too

    Ethan says: Come on over and I’ll show you around! 🙂



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