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Bible Verse of the Day

The food that maketh the boy

Ethan has developed a love for several different food items here in the US.  And I continue to harbor the hope that he will like more types of food soon.  I’m elated that he adores my blueberry muffins and asks for them even when they are all gone, and lately he started liking pancakes too.  I bet it must be the maple syrup 😛

Oh, he likes fries too, and he really likes those at In n Out!  After all, they are made of potatoes, and potatoes are a kind of vegetable, aren’t they? 😛

We were rather worried about his Pediasure though, so we shipped several tins of Pediasure from Malaysia.  Turns out they DO have Pediasure here in the States, but in a different form.  Here, they have it in easy-to-carry 8oz bottles and they come in different flavors. 


Ethan now finishes an 8oz bottle of Vanilla-flavored Pediasure at daycare every day, but at home, I still give him warm milk from the powdered Pediasure.  I made a mistake and bought the first 6-pack of Pediasure in Strawberry flavor, when I should have bought Vanilla, which is closer in taste to the regular Pediasure he drinks.

He also drinks regular chilled milk, sometimes whole (full cream) milk, and sometimes reduced fat milk.  We get the lactose-free kinds, because both Daddy and Ethan are slightly lactose-intolerant. 


Ethan would ask for milk and after he finishes a cup, he’ll ask for “more”.  I wished they would also sell this in Malaysia!

Besides milk, his other dairy intake include yogurt and cheese.  A popular kids’ yogurt here is Yoplait, which has Dora and Diego on the packaging.  I was not surprised when Ethan starting asking for Dora and Diego when he opens the fridge!  Ethan only likes the Strawberry, Strawberry Vanilla, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla flavors, however.  And the yogurt is really really THICK, much like custard, if you ask me.  Of course, it goes without saying that Ethan likes ice cream too, but we prefer to give him yogurt instead of ice cream.


I thought Ethan had lost all interest in cheese, but when we bought a pack, he got all excited again.  The cheese here looks more yellow in color and they seem a tad thicker, so I am guessing it is more filling for his little tummy.  According to his daycare report, he can finish 2 slices at one time!


Last but not least, we have his very favorite Yakult drink.  We brought several packs from Malaysia but he finished them all within one and a half weeks!  They do sell Yakult here in US but the packaging is not the same, although the taste is.  The price, though, is a pricey USD2.99 for 5 bottles, almost triple the price in Malaysia!  That’s why we recently asked one of our friends to bring several packs from Malaysia when our friend relocated here.  And last night, Ethan was really so happy to discover his “pot of gold”!  I think he slept more soundly last night!  Hehe…

Ethan’s current favorite restaurant food is the Princess Tofu, which is served at Layang-Layang, a Malaysian restaurant we discovered recently.


He loves the gravy over his rice and can eat quite a lot of it, something which we are always happy about.

Look at how energized he is after the meal.  This was taken last weekend when we went for an apartment community gathering nearby.  Ethan also enjoyed his ice cream, as you can see…


Is it any wonder how a happy meal makes a happy boy? 🙂


  1. slavemom’s avatar

    Looks like the relocation to US is doing Ethan a lot of good. U n Pete must be so relieved n happy.

    Joyce says: Oh yes we are 🙂


  2. health freak’s avatar

    Wow, I like the 8 ounces Pediasure milk. So convenient for busy mothers, no need to bring milk bottles and milk powder when going out, just give them a bottle of those Pediasure. Ethan has grown so much! Handsome boy.

    Joyce says: Yes, it is very convenient. And it tastes great too! Sometimes I finish it for him because he cannot finish it.


  3. huisia’s avatar

    seems like the relocation is a great experience for Ethan. I love the Yoplait, you can take it too, that’s good for you. 🙂

    Joyce says: I haven’t bought the adult Yoplait yet though, but I have tasted the kids’. 🙂


  4. mott’s avatar’s great to hear that he’s adapting well to the food and lifestyle there!!!

    A happy child, makes a BIG move like this, much easier!

    Joyce says: Yeah, it’s great.


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Good that they have the same food in US as in Malaysia. I’ve seen Yoplait in KL but think it’s priced at RM20 for 2 quarters! I love the US…..lots more choices for consumers.

    Joyce says: Well, not everything that is available in Malaysia is available here, but we try to make do with what we have.


  6. khongfamily’s avatar

    Wahhh…seems like Ethan is adapting very well in US. Ohhh..and all the milk and yogurt…wish they sell them here in Malaysia…haiiii.

    Joyce says: Yeah, I am hoping the lactose-free milk especially will make its way to Malaysian shores soon.


  7. Joanne’s avatar

    wow, seems like Ethan is enjoying himself very much in the State.
    Hmm…you may consider to migrate to US! ^_^

    Joyce says: Haha 😛


  8. rinnah’s avatar

    Great update on Ethan’s diet, mommy! I also wish they sell lactose free milk in Malaysia…

    Joyce says: Please let me know if they do 🙂


  9. Ryan mami’s avatar

    It’s great to hear that you guys doing great there! 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, we are, thanks.


  10. wen’s avatar

    my kids drink pediasure too. the 8oz bottle is so convenient!

    Joyce says: Very convenient, but it comes with a price tag, I’m afraid! Hehe….you gotta serve this one cold, mind you!


  11. chanelwong’s avatar

    a lot of good food for Ethan…

    Joyce says: It could be more if he gets more adventurous!


  12. KittyCat’s avatar

    Enjoying life in the land of milk and honey ya? LOL

    Joyce says: That’s a nice way to put it… 🙂


  13. Angeline’s avatar

    Ethan is definitely one lucky boy! my boys love that gravy too, whenever my MIL cooks that dish….

    Joyce says: And I love it too!



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