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Ambiance Feutrée kit from Boutique

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Very “lum” right? I see mummy is spelling the American way now……. :p

    Joyce says: Huh? What do you mean the American way? I have always spelt it as “Mommy” wor.


  2. Bart’s avatar

    Aww… must have really made your day :o)

    Joyce says: Yes, it most certainly did!


  3. sting’s avatar

    awww… so sweet 🙂 I remember when Zen took his first step, hubby’s stress disappeared immediately!! they sure are a cure for all tiredness

    Joyce says: Truly a stress-buster huh?


  4. huisia’s avatar

    so sweet 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, sweet like honey! 🙂


  5. domesticgoddess’s avatar

    Hi there, I just chanced upon your blog. You have some nice photos in your blog. My younger son is a few months younger than Ethan so I can appreciate what you write a lot. 🙂 We almost chose the name ‘Ethan’ too.

    Joyce says: Hey, thanks for stopping by. And I am glad you can relate to what I wrote… hope to see you here more often!


  6. wen’s avatar

    wow! must have melted like butter to u..

    Joyce says: You can say that again!


  7. Angeline’s avatar

    What better word is there (than that) in this world?

    Joyce says: I couldn’t agree with you more!


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    See… told u “Martee” won’t last long. hehehe

    Joyce says: Yeah 😛 Well, it certainly lasted long enough to be endearing!



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