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Ho ho ho!!! It’s Christmastime!

On Friday evening before we started our Christmas vacation, Ethan came back from daycare with a beautiful work of art.  Well, beautiful in my eyes, I would say.


According to Van, he had made the red Christmas stocking all on his own, with her instructions, and he had stuck all the stars, deco and cotton by himself.  Now what’s a mother to do other than to proudly display it on the fridge? 🙂

The artwork on the right was also made by Ethan a few days earlier, using popcorn as snow.

Scrap Credits
“QuickPage Glam Xmas” from Fanette
White Christmas mini kit  from Southern Creek Designs
Snowflakes from Misfits Scrapz
Christmas Bling from Lindsay Jane Designs

We’re back home now from our one-week vacation, and I am so proud of Ethan for he behaved himself rather well throughout the trip.  He has learnt so much and gained so much from our trip, and I am sure the memories will stay with him forever.

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    They are gorgeous to MY eyes!!!

    Joyce says: Thanks!


  2. huisia’s avatar

    wow, popcorn as snow?? hehe…so creative!

    Joyce says: Yep, I think so too!


  3. KittyCat’s avatar

    I love the red stocking too! Got a bunch of “artwork” from his preschool too but looking at some of the colour-in-lines, we all doubt he did it LOL

    Joyce says: But he must have had some hand in it!


  4. michelle’s avatar

    Anxiously waiting for your vacation pics. I am sure more of those artwork will come.

    Joyce says: Keep your eyes peeled! 🙂


  5. slavemom’s avatar

    Wonderful artwork! Makes the fridge so much more prettier. 😉

    Joyce says: Most definitely!


  6. Merryn’s avatar

    wow.. they look really lovely! i’ve thought in kindie b4 and never b4 can a 2 year old do such nice art work!

    Joyce says: Wow..thanks for the compliments!


  7. Merryn’s avatar

    oooppps… i meant.. i’ve ‘TAUGHT’ in kindie b4.. not “THOUGHT” .. typo.. solly..

    Joyce says: Haha… I knew what you meant! 🙂


  8. sting’s avatar

    those artwork are very nicely done … good work Ethan 🙂

    glad to hear that he enjoyed and learned much from the trip …

    Joyce says: Thanks!


  9. chinnee’s avatar

    love that red socks!

    Joyce says: Thanks!



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