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San Jose to Anaheim (Christmas Vacation Day 1)

Both Pete and I had a 2-week long Christmas and New Year break to look forward to, and so we decided to do something extra special with Ethan for Christmas.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, we got up as early as we could and headed out on our road trip.  It was gonna take about 6 hours to reach Anaheim, CA (home of Disneyland) and we were hoping to get there as soon as possible so we would have ample time for rest.  In the end, we only left our home at about 10:16a.m., stopped for lunch at In n Out in Gilroy, and continued on with our journey after that.

Along the way, Ethan was very intrigued by the surrounding sights and entertained us with his endless chatter.  He pointed out “many trees”, “animals” like “horses”, “cows”, “pigs”, and when we passed some snow-capped mountains, he exclaimed, “many colors!”

Shortly after that, Ethan fell asleep and slept for a good 2-3 hours.  At one time, I thought he was gonna wake up, but he only yawned, changed his position and continued in slumberland.

Of course, when he woke up, he was all bright and cheerful and in a good mood.

We arrived in Anaheim at about 5:00p.m., slightly delayed due to some traffic jams when we were passing the LA area.  Thanks to our newly-purchased GPS though, we were somewhat able to avoid part of the jam because it was intelligent enough to lead us on different routes where possible.  🙂

We were all very tired, especially Pete, who had driven for about 7 hours (excluding that short lunch break in Gilroy), and as soon as we walked into our hotel room (more like an inn, really), we were rather disappointed to note how tiny it was!  All three of us would have to squeeze into one queen-sized bed, and the washroom was also very small, although it could fit a bathtub and a WC.  Thankfully though, there was a microwave and a small fridge in the room.  Well, we would only be using the room to sleep in, so it was not too bad, we hoped.

Ethan was definitely all geared up for the adventures in the coming days.  He saw a Disneyland banner outside our hotel/inn as we were driving in and immediately shouted, “Mickey!”

Needless to say, we all slept quite early that night, i.e. before 11:00p.m.  It would have been a peaceful night’s sleep had it not been for some stranger knocking on our door at 1:00+a.m.  thinking it was her room.  SIGH.

  1. michelle’s avatar

    Wow 7 hours drive. But I guess it is worth it.

    Joyce says: Definitely worth it!


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    It’s so easy to go on road trips in the US, yes?

    Joyce says: Well, with a GPS, it’s rather easy yes…also coupled with the fact that the freeways do not charge exorbitant tolls!


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    7 hours drive? I applaud Pete. I just got back from a roadtrip to Ipoh/Cameron Highlands and being the designated driver for 1 day just about knocked me out! 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, driving is certainly strenuous on the eyes and back. Even sitting for that long amount of time is tiring! I guess Ethan was the only one not tired!


  4. wen’s avatar

    i wouldnt mind driving that long to go somewhere beautiful. besides the sight seeing is good too and beautiful too unlike malaysia. nothing to see..

    Joyce says: Driving is good fun if you have good company, don’t you agree?


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    *clap clap clap* amazing stamina!!!! Wow!

    Joyce says: I’m impressed too!


  6. Angeline’s avatar

    forgot to tell you, I gave you 3 awards in a roll, go claim them.

    Joyce says: Thanks Angeline! That’s very sweet of you!


  7. slavemom’s avatar

    And it definitely helped to hv a cheerful n happy kid along the long journey.

    Joyce says: Yes indeed it does.


  8. huisia’s avatar

    haha…the stranger sure a drunkard!

    Joyce says: I dunno about that 😛 Hubby was the one who went to the door!



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