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Ethan at 35 months

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Should be about 12.5kilos.


36 inches.


Loves to brush his teeth on his own, even carrying his step stool to the sink, asking for his toothbrush and toothpaste and imitating his Daddy brushing his teeth.  I have a feeling he swallows a little bit of the toothpaste though, but I am still using the fluoride-free toothpaste on him, so that’s perfectly fine.  Ethan allows me to brush his teeth for him too, when he is in the mood.  Of course, I am always happy to do so.

And oh yes, his teeth-brushing sessions always end with a good gurgling and spitting session. 🙂

Developmental Milestones

  • Becoming more confident in the way he speaks, and can make short sentences like, “Look at that!”, “I wanna go outside!”, or “I don’t want it!” and my favorite: “Daddy, wake up!”
  • Knows how to work his charm using magic words like “pees” (please) and “thank you”.  When I give him a Ritz Bits cracker, he will say ever so sweetly, “Thank you Mommy!” – melts my heart every time he does that.
  • Loves to hop and jump around.  I guess it is just him practising and perfecting his skills.  In addition to jumping and hopping on level surfaces, he sometimes also jumps from a slightly higher level (like the bottom step of a flight of steps).
  • He uses the term “Go Potty” when he wants to have a bowel movement.  Sometimes if he peepees in the potty, and we applaud him for doingso, he will say, “I pee pee in the potty!”
  • Knows how to put away his toys.  I especially am pleased to see him detach his Lego pieces and put them away nicely in the box.  He’ll go “put it away”, and does the deed.
  • Loves to share his toys, his food, his milk etc with one and sundry, … well especially his soft toys.  It’s so cute the way he goes, “Here, Mickey..”, and “Here, bear…” and then “Here, Daddy…”, and “Here, Mommy”, while he gives out the item he is sharing.
  • Ethan is a very sensitive and affectionate boy, and is always asking for a HUG.  And he is very PASSIONATE about things.  Even when he is watching TV… he gets very engrossed when something bad is about to happen to Dora, for example, and says, “No, no, noooo!!!!” almost in a pleading tone.
  • Has started to say numbers like “Twenty-ONE!”, “Twenty-TWO!”, etc…
  • Wants to go swimming in the “swimming pool”, but we told him we would only take him when the weather is warmer.  It’s enticing to him because he sees the pool every time he steps out of our apartment.
  • Becoming more sociable and he actually looks forward to meeting all his friends at daycare every day.  He knows all their names and sometimes during holidays or weekends, he would mention their names too.  And now, who wouldn’t smile when they see Ethan saying “Hi!” while waving, or “Hello Daddy!” first thing in the morning? 🙂
  • Can tell us where we *should* go or where he *wants to go*, by saying, “This way!” and pointing to a particular direction.
  • Demanding to be more independent and his favorite phrase now is, “I’ll do it!”  He wants to buckle up on his own, climb into the car seat on his own, take off his shoes on his own, etc.

Food and Feeding

Lately Ethan has started eating more, we noticed.  He has been asking for “more milk”, “more rice” and (yippee) “more chicken”.  His favorite food of course is still rice and he absolutely loves rice with “saw-soyce” (soy sauce).

I absolutely love the way he pronounces “milk”.  He used to say “nenno” but not any more.  Now it’s “merlk”…you know, the VERY precise pronunciation.

  1. michelle’s avatar

    One more month to 3 years old!! Have you told him about his new bro/sis coming?

    Joyce says: Yes of course…


  2. Collin’s avatar

    wow!..koko can say twenty one dy?!!! dat means can start training for blackjack liao!! wee!

    Joyce says: LOL


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    knows how to use his charms the right way eh? *wink* clever little guy!

    Joyce says: Hmmm…I wonder who he got that from! Hmmm…


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan really sounds like an angel!!! By the way, since he can gargle and spit, my dentist neighbour recommends using flouride toothpaste to better protect the teeth, especially the molars 🙂

    Joyce says: Well, thing is he CAN gurgle and spit, but when he is brushing his teeth, he will still swallow.


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    Ethan’s grown up so much ever since I started following his blog… I think you’ve done a wonderful job parenting him, Joyce. *hugs*

    One more month and Ethan’ll be officially out of the “terrible twos”!

    Joyce says: Haha…out of the “terrible twos” on paper oni…. LOL


  6. huisia’s avatar

    Happy 35 months old!

    Daddy wake up…then?? Go KaiKai? 🙂

    Joyce says: How did you guess?


  7. slavemom’s avatar

    Happy 35th Mth, Ethan! I just love to read abt him. He’s a vy sweet n loving boy.
    Btw, will u be back for CNY?

    Joyce says: Thanks! Nope, we won’t be back this time round.



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