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At the OB/GYN’s clinic

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Yesterday, I had my (now) weekly prenatal checkup with the OB/GYN.  I am 38 weeks along now.

Coincidentally, Ethan’s daycare provider had an appointment in the morning, so Ethan had to tag along with us to the medical center for the checkup too.  It was the first time we brought him along, not because we didn’t want to before, but because it would be a daunting task keeping his curious little hands away from all the equipment in the examination room.

Anyway, while in the waiting area, Ethan was very much his active little self, even offering his *services* to put away all the magazines that people had left strewn on the chairs.  Of course, it goes without saying that his curiosity got the better of him and he began asking what this was and what that was.  He even rehearsed saying, “Hi doctor!”

Then when my name was called, he looked on in amazement as the nurse took my weight.  And in the examination room, he insisted on sitting on the chair by himself, and pointed at the pictures on the wall, asking what they all were.

But when my doctor came in, Ethan became very quiet all of a sudden, and it was only a few minutes later that he mustered up the courage to say hi to the good doctor.  For the first time too, Ethan heard his sibling’s strong heartbeat when the doctor did his routine checkup.  I was also due for a cervix exam, and while Pete *entertained* Ethan, the doc informed me that although the cervix was softening, it was still closed.

The checkup was all done in a jiffy, and Ethan said “Buh-bye!” to the doctor as we left.

He’s gonna be an awesome big brother, don’t you think?

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    yes! he would! it must be an eye-opener for him to see ‘another person’ touching you so intimately….

    Joyce says: Of course he didn’t see the cervix examination la! Ethan only saw the doc checking the babe’s heartbeat!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    I don’t remember bring Tim for my pregnancy checkup. Did Ethan get to see the baby?

    Joyce says: Nope, in the US, we don’t get ultrasounds at every visit. So all Ethan heard was the heartbeat.


  3. KittyCat’s avatar

    Good boy! Does he know he’s gonna be a big kor-kor already? Lucas is pretty ready, I think, but the little one’s still playing hide-and-seek LOL

    Joyce says: Yes he does! 🙂 … though we ain’t sure if he understands the full implications or not…


  4. wen’s avatar

    he seems to be quite cool with it! he will manage! take care

    Joyce says: Thanks wen!


  5. slavemom’s avatar

    He’s a big boy now. Definitely will be a good n loving kor kor.

    Joyce says: Yes, I am sure he will! 🙂


  6. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Yes, I bet he will be! Btw no one goes for my ob-gyn checkups besides myself. Hubs think he will jinx it! ha ha

    Joyce says: Huh? Jinx it? How?


  7. health freak’s avatar

    Didn’t knew you’re preggers and almost due soon! Wow, anytime can pop eh? I brought the gals to my Ob-Gyn visits when I was pregnant with #3. They were just as excited as me and they kept asking tons of questions. I think bringing the older kids to Ob-Gyn visits will make them love their baby sister/bro even more. My 2 older gals adore their baby sister to bits now!

    Joyce says: That’s nice!


  8. Blessed Mom’s avatar

    wow! Congrats!! didn’t know you are pregnant! Looks like our D-days are very close! 😛

    Joyce says: Thank you!



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