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Bible Verse of the Day

The welcome


Four days after Hannah was born, Pete took Ethan to the San Francisco international airport to pick my parents up.  Yup, my folks are here for about a month or so for a visit, and of course to see their two grandkids.  Unfortunately Hannah and I could not go along because the Accord we were having at that time could not fit everyone in.

Pete and Ethan had to wait for an hour or so in the airport arrival hall and it was quite strenuous too as our lazy little boy insisted that his Daddy carried him most of the time.  We were a little bit worried that Ethan would not recognize his Ah Ma and Ah Kong, but he smiled as soon as he saw them.  And he was trying to be all helpful, wanting to push the airport cart even though it was way too heavy for him!

Now, it’s “Where did Ah Ma go?” and “Where did Ah Kong go?” all the time! LOL


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