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Bible Verse of the Day

Those priceless expressions

Scrap Credits
May Morn paper from Carjazi Designs
Elegant word art (a daughter is) from Bethany
Stamp cluster 8 (modified) from Lindsay Jane Designs
Boxed words from Chantal

In the past three weeks since Hannah came into our lives, I have been getting to know her based on her facial expressions:

  • She frowns and purses her lips when she is about to do a poop.
  • She smiles and sometimes giggles when she sees something she likes.  Once she was fussing and crying, and as soon as I picked her up, she smiled at me as if to say, “Yay! Mission accomplished!”
  • She raises her eyebrows, causing her forehead to crease after every feed.  And she does this while stretching her entire body, in a satisfied manner.
  • She looks at us with those gorgeous big brown eyes, as if she understands every word we say.
  • She cries when she is hungry.
  • She screams and wails when she is wet or needs a change, and brings the roof down when I am just a wee bit slow in getting the whole process done.
  • ..and of course, she lets out a YAWN when she is sleepy and tired.
  1. jemima’s avatar

    Each of her expressions tells more than a thousand words.

    Joyce says: You bet!


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Hannah is such a sweetie! And oh, those large brown eyes….you could drown in them!

    Joyce says: Oh yes, she does have really beautiful eyes!


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    these are indeed better than gems and pearls….

    Joyce says: Most definitely!


  4. michelle’s avatar

    Hey looks like you are shooting her all the time. Beware of her calling the camera, mummy…hehehe. I like the yawning shot!

    Joyce says: Not all the time la…only when I am fast enough to go grab my camera! hehehe


  5. mistipurple’s avatar

    so adorable. *melt*

    Joyce says: Yeah, I *melted* too!


  6. rinnah’s avatar

    Cutie’s got such lovely big eyes! *hugs*

    Joyce says: You got that right! 🙂


  7. anggie’s avatar

    she is so adorable n beautiful 😛


  8. KittyCat’s avatar

    She is really expressive! And yes, beautiful eyes 🙂



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