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Bible Verse of the Day

Four Little Words

Scrap Credits
Template XVI from In The Making Design
“don’t be blue” kit from Simply Sweet Designs
Newsprint Epoxy Alphas collaboration from Bon Scrapatit Designs & Snowsmoon’s Design
Word Art from Le digiscrap de Choukette

Yesterday evening, Ethan came home from daycare and greeted me at the door with these four precious little words:

“I missed you Mommy!”

… and he repeated himself many many times after that! 🙂

He then gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek!  How sweet is that? 🙂

Awww…. I missed you too, Ethan! 🙂

  1. jemima’s avatar

    How could we not LOVE Ethan???

    Just reading your posts about all the little meaningful things he had done touches my heart… hence, I can understand how you, as his beloved mother, must feel especially when you’re there to experience it first-hand.

    *hugs to you & your little miracles*

    Joyce says: Thanks Jem! *hugs back*


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    Awww…. so schweet! Did you melt like ice-cream when you heard that? 😀


  3. mistipurple’s avatar

    very touching moment. 🙂


  4. Angeline’s avatar

    Yes yes! That very first time is the most precious!

    Now my younger one says it every time he comes back from school…. and I still treasure it… (were you expecting me to say, I don’t feel that emotionally attached to that sentence already?) *laugh*


  5. jazzmint’s avatar

    oww..he’s so so so sweet



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