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The reader in him

Scrap Credits
Poppy paper from Happy Go Lucky kit from Shabby Princess Designs
Photomask #10 from Kylie M Designs
Photo Mask Sampler from DigiLover’s Addiction
Elegant word art (unbelievable) & Worn Alpha from Bethany

Ethan has shown a remarkable improvement in his language skills since we relocated to the States.  His prowess in phonics has been especially exceptional, and even Aunty Van, his daycare provider, has reported that Ethan is getting very good at phonics.

In fact, I have no doubt in my mind that he can already read.  And here are some scenarios to prove my point:

  • As Ethan was playing with his Leapfrog Word Whammer on the fridge one day, Pete guided him to spell the word “bus”, by asking him to put in the letters “b”, “u” and “s”.  Ethan immediately said “bus!” when he was done.  And that’s not all.  One day as I was cleaning up in the kitchen, he pointed out a word to me by saying, “Mommy, cold!”  I turned around and looked.  He had spelt “koh” and he proudly announced that it was “koh!”
  • His Aunty Van told me that Ethan read off the word “pink” on her sweater, even though there wasn’t a hint of the color pink on her.
  • Ethan was *accompanying* me in the kitchen and he wanted to spell the words on the dishwasher.  He went, “O-F-F”, and I would ask him, “What does that spell?”, and Ethan would say, “Off!”
    Then he went, “O-P-T-I-O-N-S”, and when I asked, “What does that spell?”, he happily exclaimed, “Octopus!”
    Why, of course!  He recognized that the word OCTOPUS has similar letters to the word OPTIONS!
  • Lastly, he surprised us one day when he was about to play on his computer.  We’d created user profiles on our PC, and we had to click on the profile to enter.  Ethan knows he has to click on the “Ethan” profile, but that day, he suddenly said, “Jors!” and pointed to my name!  Nobody taught him to say that but for some reason he knew that was how it was pronounced!
    Now, he would say “I wanna click on ‘JOYCE”!”  🙂
    Yep, he has already got the pronunciation down pat!
  1. michelle’s avatar

    He is growing up fast!!


  2. HL’s avatar

    Wow! Congratulations!!!



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