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Mr Manners

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Without End – partie 1 (papier 04) from Scrapmalin

Ethan is getting very good at being polite now.  He says Please and Thank You at the right times.  When he does something wrong, he will look very sad, apologize and say, “Sorry Mommy” or “Sorry Daddy“.

He even says Good night and Good morning!  … although these depend on his mood.

I remember a funny incident when he asked me for some chocolate.  We would tell him that he can have just ONE Hershey’s Nugget on condition that he has finished his dinner.

Ethan (opening the fridge): Mommy, I want chocolate.
Me: Okay, since you have finished your dinner today, Mommy will give you one piece of chocolate.
Ethan (smiling happily): Chocolate!
Me: Here you go…what must you say, Ethan? (I was expecting him to say “Please”)
Ethan (without skipping a heartbeat): CHOCOLATE!
Me: No… you must say, PLEASE..
Ethan: Please Mommy…
Me: Okay, here you go…now what must you say?
Ethan: Thank you Mommy!

Now, the Please and Thank You come naturally 🙂

Lately, he has also learnt how to say “Excuse me“, but sometimes it sounds like he is saying “Kiss me“!!  And yet, sometimes when someone or something is blocking his way, he forgets his manners and says, “MOVE!!!”

… well, sometimes he does remember to say, “PLEASE MOVE!” 🙂

  1. Blessed Mom’s avatar

    Well done Ethan! Good training too from mommy!


  2. Angeline’s avatar

    Oh yes Ethan! Keep up the good work…and make sure it last…. *wink*


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Good boy, Ethan. You’ve got great parents who teach you too!!


  4. huisia’s avatar

    good boy Ethan! my jo, even 5 also cannot say “Excuse me” properly 🙁



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