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Bible Verse of the Day

The things Ethan says to Hannah

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  • “Hi Hannah!”  It’s very endearing to see Ethan going up to Hannah when he wakes up or when he comes back from daycare and greet her that way.  Sometimes he will add in, “How are you, Hannah?” or “I love you Hannah” or “What you doin’, Hannah?”
  • “Hannah, wake up!”
  • When Hannah starts to cry when we are out in the car, Ethan will respond with, “Oh Hannah, don’t cry…we’re moving!”  You see, Hannah, just like her brother when he was small, loves it when the car is moving, and as soon as we stop at traffic lights or an intersection, she will start to cry.  Sometimes we would reassure Hannah by telling her that we are moving soon and tell her not to cry, so I suppose Ethan, in his own amazing intuitive ways, caught on. 
  • “Sit down, Hannah!” , while pointing to the couch.
  • “Eat, Hannah!”, offering Hannah his milk or yogurt. 
  • When Hannah starts crying and wants to be fed or carried, Ethan will go up to her and say, “Oh, it’s okay Hannah, … don’t cry!”  When we ask Ethan to give Hannah a kiss, sometimes he will touch his forehead to her head.
  • “Here, Hannah…pull it!”, offering the musical mobile toy to Hannah, and then “Touch it!” while he holds Hannah’s hand to the toy.  Just the other day, Ethan took his yellow Numbers book and put Hannah’s hand in such a way as to hold the book.


And when he wants Mommy’s or Daddy’s attention on him, when either one of us is carrying Hannah, he will say “Put Hannah cot!”  He puts a lot of emphasis on the “T” after the “Put” so much so that it sounds like he said, “Put THE Hannah cot!”

Oh, by the way, Ethan pronounces Hannah as “HA-NA”, and not “Hen-NA” like us.  It’s just so adorable the way he says it!  And I bet those things he says to her right now are all just the tip of the iceberg with many many more to come as they both grow up!

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Oh boy, oh boy…..sounds like Ethan is quite smittened by “Ha-na”!!! Great start 🙂


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Ethan is showing his kor kor attribute. Kudos Ethan.


  3. claire’s avatar

    hello..greetings from IPOH… coming by to read yr posts…


  4. Angeline’s avatar

    Aaaawww… Mommy dearest, I would love to hear him!!! Video mommy, video??!


  5. jazzmint’s avatar

    he really adores hannah alot


  6. KittyCat’s avatar

    So cute! He’s quite an attentive kor-kor. On my end, I’m glad that Lucas is starting to come around the idea of having a baby TGIF 🙂



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