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He’s not shy at all!

Scrap Credits
QP from Galiscrap
Elegant word art (proud of you) from Bethany

Ethan is becoming more and more sociable now.  If he was a shy little boy previously, fearful of strangers and people he meets, there is absolutely no indication of that shy trait at all now.  He is gaining confidence every single day and his friendliness is so very contagious.

Someday I know I will look back at these short conversations he has and laugh about it.  I know I already am… 😛

In the elevator when someone else enters it with us

Ethan (to the other person): Hi!

While out and about

Ethan (to everyone he sees): Hi! (while waving his arm)


Ethan: Bye!

At the grocery store

Ethan: Hi!
(Fish seller doesn’t respond because he doesn’t hear Ethan)
Ethan (louder, and waving his hand): Hi!
Fish seller: Oh hi!  I didn’t hear you!
Ethan (proudly to me): I said Hi!
Me: Yeah, I know you said hi, darlin’.

At the supermarket checkout

Ethan (to lady behind us): Hi!
Lady: Hi sweetie!
Ethan: What you doin’?
Lady: I”m shopping.  What you doin’?
Ethan: Go to mite house (He says “mite” when he means “my”)

(So now he’s inviting people to our house???!!!)

At the playground

Ethan (to everyone): Hi!
Man in the park: Hi!
Ethan: Look at Riverdance!  (and does the tapdancing stunt)
Ethan: Go to mite house! (smiles happily)

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Well done, Ethan. I guess being in US helps as well. I think strangers aren’t as friendly over here. He seems to be inviting lots of people over 😛


  2. huisia’s avatar

    i don’t think the strangers here are as friendly as those ang-mohs…:)


  3. michelle’s avatar

    He sounds like a friendly boy to me. Hi Ethan!


  4. jazzmint’s avatar

    haha looks like u gonna have a lot guest soon



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