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buy this buy that

Scrap Credits
Daydreamin’ kit (papers, elements & alphas) from Megan Turnidge
Word Art (I Treasure You) from Dirty Feet Designs aka Heather Benson

Lately Ethan added the word “buy” to his ever-expanding vocabulary.  Actually I don’t even remember when it had started, but he understands the concept of buying stuff now.

Ethan: Mommy, I wanna watch vi-dee-lio (video)!
Mommy: Which video do you wanna watch?
Ethan: Ummm…ummm…Madagascar!
Mommy, But we don’t have the Madagascar DVD darlin’…you wanna watch something else?
Ethan: BUY Madagascar!!
Mommy: Ok, we’ll see if it’s on sale this weekend, okay?
Ethan: Okay Mom!

Mommy: Alright Ethan, go get your jacket and wear your shoes and socks!
Ethan: I wanna wear purple socks!
Mommy: You don’t have any purple socks, my dear…how about your green ones?
Ethan: BUY purple socks!

There’s Ethan’s very simple solution to get anything he wants! 🙂

And then just the other day…

Ethan: Mommmeeee….I wanna drink milk!
Mommy: Okay Mommy’ll get some for you.  Which milk do you want? (I’d expected him to choose between chocolate milk, his Pediasure or soy milk)
Ethan: I want green milk!
Mommy: Green milk??!!  There’s no such thing as green milk, Ethan!
Ethan: Errmmm…BUY green milk!

It will take some time before he realizes not everything can be bought!

  1. michelle’s avatar

    Hehehe…he is going to be your shopping kaki next time.


  2. mistipurple’s avatar

    haha, he is starting young.


  3. huisia’s avatar

    does he know BUY needs to use money? LOL


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    I can oh-so relate!! Bryan is the same. There was once he asked me to buy “wings” so that he could fly like a bird!



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