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Evening walks and sidewalk chalk


Isn’t it amazing how this little box of 20 sidewalk chalk can amuse Ethan so?

I just remembered it had been collecting dust in one of our boxes for goodness-knows-how-long, and I was reminded of its existence when I saw some kids playing with their sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk recently.


Now when we go for our walks in the park with Ethan, he’ll want to bring along his box of chalk.  He won’t even allow anyone to carry it for him, and he’ll hug it really tight too.

Unfortunately some of the chalks have broken, due to *mishandling* on Ethan’s part… He’ll run over to tell me that “it’s broken, Mommy!”


Nevertheless this is a really good creativity tool to have for kids.  Yesterday evening, I introduced simple hopscotch to Ethan too!

Hehe…I’ve asked Ethan to say thank you to Aunty Audrey for the chalk, when we next meet. 🙂

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    At least in the US, there are proper sidewalks!


  2. Collin’s avatar

    wow…you mean it can be LEGAL to write on walls and roads in US?!!!! Cool!!!


  3. michelle’s avatar

    Next time ask Ethan to take a picture of you hopping yeah…:P


  4. Audrey’s avatar

    Heyyyy you are MOSTEST welcome, Ethan!! Charu and Rohan would like to tell you that the ALSO love their sidewalk chalk, and psssssst their Mummy now buys RM0.70 white papan-hitam chalk (or equally-cheap IKEA coloured chalk) that gives them as much drawing pleasure on the red badminton court, as the original chubby Crayola ones that they used up long ago 😀 Have many more hours of fun with that box!!!



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