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Hair-raising Hannah

Scrap Credits
QP Sahara  from Mumure Scrapattaque
“Fall Memories” alphas from A work in progress
Glitter-Swirled Epoxy Alpha – YellowGold from Bon Scrapatit Designs

Hannah’s hair is miraculously defying gravity by standing up straight…well, the ones across the top of her head are.  I have no idea when it first started, nor do I have any inkling as to when it will stop behaving that way.

When her hair is dry, it looks straight, but after her bath, my girl’s got the cutest curls on her head.  What gives?

Will she take after my straight, fine hair, or have curly locks like Daddy’s?  Only time will tell…

  1. huisia’s avatar

    spiky spiky hair and her eyes are so big!
    natural curl is pretty, i wish my girl had it. 🙂


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Perhaps the humidity in Malaysia would help? 🙂


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    Oh so was my younger one…
    even now, certain parts still remain as ‘stubborn’ as ever! *laugh*


  4. sooyin’s avatar

    So cute!!!! And she has so much hair…=)


  5. mistipurple’s avatar

    enjoy while it last. when it grows longer, it will droop back like all of our’s, lol.


  6. jazzmint’s avatar

    it’s gonna stay like that for months…faythe had spiky hair till like she was 1 plus 😐


  7. jazzmint’s avatar

    and i love her stare…



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