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Pleasantly entertaining

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Every Day kit from Jen Yurko

Ethan entertains us everyday with his happy smiles and cheeky antics, and it is always a pleasant joy to engage in conversation with him. 

He has learnt to say “YES” and “DON’T KNOW” now; he probably picked up the latter from times when he would inundate us with neverending questions, and finally when the question was too *difficult*, we just said, “Donno” 😛

The way he says “YES” is classic.  He stresses the last bit of the word so much that it sounds like YESHHHH, or perhaps more like YETHHHH… and sometimes we just like to ask him questions just to hear him say the word. 🙂

“DONNO” he says it while shaking his head, and sometimes it would seem as though he is thinking of an answer before he responds with “DONNO!”  However, he learns fast, and as soon as we tell him what the correct response is, he will repeat it after us.

That’s our funny little big boy for you right there.  He provides us with endless hours of entertainment. 🙂


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