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So very friendly

Wordart  Credits
Collaboration between Dragonfly Summer kit from Graham like the Cracker & Bethany

Hannah is becoming such a friendly little girl now.  It all started with her smiling when we spoke to her.  Well, actually at first she only smiled at her Daddy most of the time, and with me, it was just a blur stare.

But now, she would consistently flash us the sweetest of smiles when we speak to her.  Sometimes she would coo endearingly as if in reply to what we say. 

She smiles at Ethan too, and even when Daddy does not say anything and just merely looks at her, he would be rewarded with her honey-sweet smile that just melts his heart…

The picture above was taken right before we were leaving for Gilroy for our Memorial Day shopping trip last Saturday.  Do you think she was extra happy because of that? 🙂

  1. PB’s avatar

    She’s a girl and you were taking her shopping. I’d be smiling too! 😀


  2. Collin’s avatar

    what a lovely smile!! can’t wait to see it LIVE! 😀


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    She is a SWEETY!!!!!!!!!!! And looks a whole lot like Ethan. I think I keep saying in every post!


  4. jemima’s avatar

    Keep smiling, Hannah.. & the whole world will smile with you. 😀


  5. sharine’s avatar

    She’s cute and chubby!


  6. cheryl wong leong’s avatar

    Hi Hannah, You are such a sweety pie 🙂
    Congrats Joyce and Pete 🙂 you have beautiful children 🙂



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