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In South Lake Tahoe

We made a 4-hour-or-so drive northeast to South Lake Tahoe for a one-night holiday last week.  Pete had taken the week off from work, and the decision to travel there was kinda impulsive.  We knew it would be our last vacation to somewhere in the States before we headed back to Malaysia next month, yet it would be our very first trip together as a family of four.

Thankfully, I managed to secure a hotel room at the last minute at a whopping 40% discount, and even better, it came with a king-sized bed with the famous Tempur-Pedic® mattress, which was absolute heaven for our weary bodies.  Unfortunately the hotel did not provide a crib for Hannah, so we had to bring her infant-toddler rocker for her to sleep on.

So how was our holiday?

Well, to tell you the truth, despite the rather long journey, and having to make a few pit stops for when Hannah needed a feed, or for when Ethan had to go to the potty, or errmm…for when Mommy had to go potty, I think we did pretty well.  Took us slightly longer than usual to get to our destination, but it was definitely very worth it.  Of course, we were entertained along the way by the usual chatters and singing from our very willing Mr Bulat (when he wasn’t asleep).

Let’s just let the pictures tell the story…

Here’s Ethan enjoying the sunset at the recreation park by the lake.  Our little boy kept whining that he wanted to “go home” but he seemed very happy when we stopped by the lakeside after dinner! LOL


A picture I took of Pete and the kids.  It was supposed to be just Pete and Hannah, but Ethan wanted in on the photo too, as you can see!


Before we left for home, we drove to indulge in the scenic view of Lake Tahoe.  Here’s a family picture taken with the picturesque Emerald Bay in the background.  Hannah was asleep…or so we thought!


She promptly awoke, I guess cuz she wanted to take in the spectacular view too!  She was all smiles, so we did what every smart parent would have done!


And then of course here we have Ethan wanting to leave the scenic spot because he insisted he had to go to the Men’s to wash his hands!


Oh yeah…I won’t forget pictures of the breathtaking view.


It’s summer now, so there’s no more snow where we were.  The temperature was also way warmer than I had anticipated.  I had packed a considerable amount of warm clothing, only to have them occupy luggage space instead!

This was the closest Ethan got to seeing snow:

Not bad for a 2-day-1 night vacation eh?

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Lovely lovely view!!! I love the photos of you with Hannah!!


  2. jazzmint’s avatar

    wow love the scenery



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