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So grateful, so thankful…


During our past 9 months or so here in San Jose, Ethan has definitely enjoyed a tremendous time here.  And while we are in the midst of all our packing, I do think it is inevitable that Ethan will miss the precious time and the fun he had at daycare when we leave.


From a rather shy and not-too-many words little guy, Ethan is now talking non-stop, complete with a mind of his own!  His confidence has skyrocketed, although he sometimes still is a little shy with strangers.


He has learnt SO many new things at his daycare: singing, dancing, reading, counting, adorable expressions, good manners…the list goes on.


He’s also made many womderful friendships.  Wouldn’t it be cool if these kids were to meet up again a few years from now?


And I bet he also learnt a few things about how to be a good big brother too!

Yes, Ethan will definitely miss daycare here, but I am just so very thankful that he at least had the splendid opportunity to experience it.


And now, I just pray that we can find a good daycare back home that Ethan will love just as much.

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Good luck in your hunt! Besides, with Ethan being so good-mannered I’m sure that he is able to assimilate in a new environment really soon.


  2. jemima’s avatar

    Ethan will be eternally grateful that you have kept all these fond memories for him. 🙂

    Hannah, too. 😀


  3. slavemom’s avatar

    So fast it’s abt time for u to move back? It’s definitely a great experience for Ethan. And dun worry abt him, I’m sure he’ll adapt well when he’s back here, like how well he did in US.



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