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Hannah at 5 months


 Scrap Credits
Brown Paper Packages paper from Yin Designs
“Cherry Cheesecake” alphas from 
A work in progress
Sistafriend freebie frame from Flergalicious

Hannah had her 5-month checkup with Dr Jessica back in Penang.  She took her 3rd dose of the Pneumococcal vaccine too.  Unlike her brother, Hannah laid down quietly on the scales as her weight was being read.


8.1 kilos.  About 98 percentile on the graph :O  


Not measured, but sure seems like she has grown longer!

Motor Skills

  • Able to roll over at 4.5 months!  Ah, the beginning of mobility.  She started to roll just on the right side, but now she can do both right and left and then back again!  Diaper changes are definitely VERY challenging now!
  • Hannah has also started to push forward by lifting her butt and inching her way forward (sometimes backwards!).  If she doesn’t succeed in moving forward, she will just move around in circles.
  • Head support is quite steady now.  She can now sit comfortably in her Bumbo.  However, just like her brother, most of the time she will treat the Bumbo as her potty.
  • She can be amused by hanging toys for longer periods of time now.
  • She can play with and hold on to a toy and eventually suck on it.
  • She can hold both her feet at the same time.
  • She can sit on her own for a few seconds by bending her body forward and supporting herself with her arms.
  • She can raise her chest with arm support while lying on her stomach

Communication and Social Skills

  • Giggles a lot.
  • Loves to watch her brother and laughs at him.  I think she adores Ethan.
  • Can more or less respond to her name when called.
  • Can recognize faces better now, and is forever looking for Mommy.
  • Babbles a lot, and is VERY responsive when spoken to.  She smiles and coos.
  • Loves to be massaged.  She gets a body massage after her evening bath, which includes, hands, legs, chest and tummy and her face too!
  • Loves to get her hair combed.  Will lie very still and appears to be enjoying every minute of it.


Sleeping through the night more often now, but occassionally still awakes for a feed.

Food and Feeding

She is 100% on Mommy’s milk. Drinks EBM from a toddler sippy cup and refuses the bottle.  Milk intake has increased apparently.

Hannah watches us intently when we eat.  Looks like she is quite ready for her intake of solids milestone next month!


  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Hannah sounds like a REAL angel. Seems to me that girls are indeed easier to handle than boys. Is that true?


  2. chanelwong’s avatar

    such an angel…
    my girl is more demanding than her bro….



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