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A little bit off the sides and back, please…

Two weeks ago, we brought Hannah for her first haircut.  Her bangs were getting too long, and I wanted to have the hairdresser do something about the “bald patch” at the back of her head.  After a short wait, it was Hannah’s turn, and I held her in my lap as the hairdresser did the trimming.  My hairdresser recommended we shave off the back portion of her hair, so that when the hair in the “bald patch” grew out, it would grow together with the bottom section.  For her bangs, she trimmed it a little bit shorter in a side parting manner.  Hannah’s sideburns were trimmed too.


She sat quietly while she had her haircut.  And then she smiled for the camera when the haircut was done!

Ain’t she a darling? 🙂

Oh, just in case you were wondering, it was just the kids getting their hair done that day.  So Ethan got the (ahem!) royal treatment too!

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Royal Treatment indeed! In our days, its just a bowl and a razor, isn’t it? *giggle*


  2. Susan’s avatar

    I still think this salon is one of the best we’ve visited thus far.
    Very royal treatment for kiddies indeed. Very paiseh last time when only our Boy had the haircut and not us.


  3. Collin’s avatar

    Wah…steady only Hannah! *clap clap* 😀

    Koko still scared scared when taken to these barbers…hehe



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