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Hannah’s visit to the hospital


My motherly instincts are always in extra full force when any one of my kids are not feeling well.  And that was how it was last week when Hannah fell sick.

I worried when she registered a fever of 38.5°C that night.  I was relieved that giving her the PCM suppository helped to bring it down.

She also had cough and a runny nose, so although we didn’t like the idea of bringing her to the hospital and exposing her to germs, we decided to bring her in for a checkup.

As soon as I explained what she was there for, we were asked to wait while the nurse assessed Hannah.  Her temperature then was 38°C.

We were then asked to go to the Accident and Emergency section where Hannah was to take a throat swab and then we had to wait for 1 hour for the results.

An hour of worrying later, the throat swab test for Influenza A was NEGATIVE.  Hannah was prescribed the usual Polaramine and Rhinathiol.  She had a little bit of an ear infection which the doctor hoped would subside by the next day (which it did).

She’s back to her normal cheerful adorable self now, and I am none the happier… 🙂


  1. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    What a pretty girl!!!

    I hope she is feeling better.



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