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Bible Verse of the Day

He talks non-stop…

… from the moment he wakes up till he sleeps (by the way, he normally does NOT take an afternoon nap).



Daddy: Ethan, go and take your bath.
Ethan: No, let me play with my toys first.
Daddy: No…take a shower and THEN you can play with your toys.
Ethan: No Daddy, wait for Mommy first.
Daddy: Mommy’s busy.  Daddy will bathe for you.
Ethan: No Daddy.  I’m dizzy.  I want to sleep first.


Ethan: Mommy, I hurt my finger.
Mommy: Awww…come here darling, Mommy will kiss and make it better (kisses his finger). 
Ethan: I feel better.
Mommy: Okay, good 🙂
Ethan: I want new finger, Mommy!

Ethan: Ouch Mommy…my feet (points to a bump).
Mommy: Aww, lemme see, darling.
Ethan: I want a Band-Aid Mommy.
Mommy: Okay, here’s a Band-Aid.  You feel better now?
Ethan: Yeah…
Ethan(runs off to show Daddy): Look Daddy!  I have a Dinosaur band-aid!
Ethan: I want new feet Daddy!

(On the way home from school)

Ethan: I wanna say “I love you Daddy”, Mommy…
Mommy: Okay.  I’ll call Daddy when we reach home, okay?
Ethan: Okay.
Mommy: What about Mommy?  Don’t you want to say, “I love you Mommy”?
Ethan: No…Hannah says “I love you Mommy”, Ethan says “I love you Daddy”.

(Making sense)

Ethan: Mommy…carry!
Mommy: Why? Are you lazy?
Ethan: No, I’m dizzy.

Ethan: Mommy…carry!  Carry Mommy!
Mommy: Are you a lazy pig, Ethan?
Ethan: NO, I’m not a lazy pig.  Daddy’s the lazy pig!

(Placing a Request)

Mommy: Mmm – mm- mmm- mmm-mmm- mmm- hmmm (humming a song)
Ethan; No Mommy, don’t say “mmm mmm mmm”.  Sing!
Mommy (singing): Polly put the kettle on…


Stranger (to Hannah): Hi baby! (Smiles and touches Hannah on the head/cheek/hand)
Ethan: NO AUNTY!!! No touching Hannah!

(Mr Manners)

We were about to pay for our parking at the mall, when a stranger arrived at the parking payment machine at the same time as us.  The man promptly stepped in front of me and proceeded to make the payment.

Ethan (pointing at the man): No Uncle!  THAT’S NOT NICE, Uncle!

The uncle ignored him.  So much for politeness in our society!

(Taking turns)

Ethan (playing the piano at Uncle Tee Bin’s house and singing): Twinkle twinkle little star…
Mommy (sits down next to him and starts to play too)
Ethan: No Mommy.  Wait for turn! 

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Hahaha… kids say the darndest things!


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    See I told ya, once they start it is hard to stop em.



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