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Bible Verse of the Day

The Giant Lantern by the sea

Last Saturday evening, we popped by the Promenade by the E&O Sales Gallery for the Lights of Teng-Lang celebration.  The weather was scorching hot although it was already 5:30p.m., so we hung around the air-conditioned sales gallery for a while.
When we got bored, we checked out the stalls that were set up.  The first one we visited had mooncake-making lessons.  Since Ethan didn’t want to try making one, I volunteered!


I told him it was just like playing with Playdoh, but he only laughed..

Put it in the oven to bake and walked around the other attractions while waiting.
The highlight of the event was the completion of the Giant Lantern by the sea.  See how big it is?

Everyone was invited to participate in painting part of the bottom of the lantern, just so we could say that we had a hand in making it.  And of course, Ethan was VERY eager to show off his artistic ability.

What’s more, he even got to put his name on the signature board!

And then he had so much fun playing in the playground that he didn’t even wanna leave.  Can you see how ROSY his cheeks were?  By the way, Hannah fell asleep amidst all this excitement! LOL

 And how did my self-made mooncake turn out?

Not too bad, I would say…I put only lotus paste for the filling, because I know that’s what Ethan loves… and Ethan finished it all! 🙂
Ah yes…that was a great way to spend some family time together.  And the next morning, Ethan beamed and proudly told me, “I painted the giant lantern BROWN, Mommy!”
That was when I knew we made his day too! 🙂

  1. Doreen’s avatar

    There were so many photographers focusing on Ethan! Got publish in the newspaper or not?? 😉



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