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Bible Verse of the Day

The Power of Sibling Influence


…or is it a form of (healthy) competition?

When Hannah was on medication a couple of weeks back, we asked Ethan to *witness* her taking the medicine using the syringe.  By the way, if you are not already aware, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to feed Ethan medicine.  He would kick and scream till the cows come home.

Anyway, Ethan was very intrigued watching us feed Hannah.  Hannah, on the other hand, was initially receptive of the medicine, but after a few rounds, she knew how to turn her head away when she saw the syringe.  Only Daddy knew how to administer the medicine in one swift motion 🙂

A few days later, Ethan started sneezing.  So I asked him, “Ethan, are you sneezing?”  He said, “Yes”.  I said, “Do you want to take some medicine?  You’ll feel better after taking it, and then when you are all better, Mommy will take you swimming.”  He paused and kept quiet.  I continued, “I’ll ask Daddy to shoot the medicine into your mouth like Hannah, okay?”  He said, “Okay.”

And I almost fainted.

I asked Daddy to get the medicine ready, and MIRACULOUSLY Ethan allowed his Daddy to give him the medicine without any fuss. After that he downed it all with some Milo.

Therefore, do not underestimate what Hannah can do or influence at her young and tender age. 🙂

  1. Collin’s avatar

    Way to go Hannah!! 🙂


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    Yay! Thx to mei mei, Ethan’s not afraid of taking meds anymore.



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