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Bible Verse of the Day

This is the way he writes!

We do not believe in forcing our child to write or forcing him to hold a pencil or pen, when he is not ready.  We would rather he take his time to play and learn and discover it on his own.  That being said, Ethan has always loved numbers and alphabets.  And he LOVES experimenting, especially on his doodle pad.

One fine evening, he surprised us by using the square-shaped mold from the doodle pad to *write*.  He calls it “draw numbers”.  At first he wrote 1 and 2, and he was mighty pleased when we applauded.  He then proceeded with other numbers.

And writing this was his own idea…watch… 


Ironically, that is also how Pete and I write the number 9.

But when I ask Ethan to write 6 after that, he looked at me with those sweet adorable eyes and shakes his head, “I don’t know how to write 6, Mommy!” LOL

Oh, how I love my little boy!


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