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Hannah’s Baptism

Last Saturday, October 17 2009, little Hannah was baptized in church, in a simple meaningful ceremony.  She didn’t really put up a fuss at all, although at times it was hard to keep her hands away from everything; from grabbing the book, from grabbing my hair, my pendant, and from being ever-so-wriggly!

In fact, she was so active that I could not position her properly for the holy water to be poured over her head.  This here is my attempt…


Hannah was curious to see what was going on…

I had to pass her to Daddy, the expert…and that also, some of the water entered her eyes! 

Of course, there was the compulsory family photo after the end of the ceremony,…errr… positions all a bit out, but everyone was there nevertheless. (baby in front is NOT Hannah…that’s Phoebe, her cousin. LOL… Hannah too busy with *other* things at the back)

I also wanted a family photo of just the 4 of us.  We didn’t have many of those, but I discovered that it was becoming increasingly difficult to get a proper shot.

Hannah’s baptism of course calls for a reason to fill our tummies…and fill them we did, at Mama’s… No photos of the food, sorry! 😛

With 2 kids to attend to, it’s rather impossible to whip out the camera, set the macro and focus…but trust me when I say the food was definitely scrumptious!  To quote Ethan, “Smells…..LEEECious!!!!” 🙂

  1. jemima’s avatar

    May the Holy Spirit will bless & protect Hannah for always.


  2. Bart’s avatar

    From your description, Hannah sounds very active! :o) Congratulations on Hannah’s baptism and God bless!


  3. KittyCat’s avatar

    Wow…Hannah’s looking really chubby! She looks and sounds like a really active baby LOL



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