Bible Verse of the Day

Non-stop talker


Followers of the “Children should be seen and not heard” school of thought would certainly click their tongues in disapproval and shake their heads in despair should they see and hear what Ethan is like these days. When he is watching TV or doing something and he is concentrating: Ethan: Be quiet! Shhhh…. (holds finger to his mouth). No talking! 


Daddy attempts to change the TV channel.

Ethan: No watching FOOTBALL, Daddy!

and lately…

Ethan: No Daddy, change the channel to Playhouse Disney, PLEeeeeeeeASsssssssE!!!!  PuhLEeeeeeeeASsssssssssssE….???!!!


When someone laughs at him, with him or loudly:  

Ethan: It’s not funny, uncle!!  That’s not very nice!  


At the restaurant, a waiter approaches us.

Waiter: Sir, do you need a baby chair for your son?

Ethan: NO!  I’m NOT a baby! (points at Hannah) Hannah’s the baby!  I’m a BOY!  I’m THREE years old!  


At the restaurant again, the waitress assists Ethan by pushing his stool closer to the table.

Ethan: NO!  No touching me!  


When I am having a conversation with someone:

Ethan: No talking Aunty!  Mommy talk first!  


When about to go out:

Mommy: Okay buddy, go put on your shoes.

Ethan: No no, not SHOES…sandals!  

In school:

Teacher: Alright, take off your shoes.

Ethan: Not shoes, teacher.  SANDALS!


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