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Bible Verse of the Day

What to do when there is no school

Last week, Ethan only went to school for 3 days.  His school was closed for 2 days on Thursday and Friday, because all the staff was involved in a charity concert the school had organized.  This meant that I needed to find something for Ethan to do that won’t keep him bored.

So on Thursday morning, I took him to the children’s library.  It was just a very small one, but Ethan was VERY excited to step into a library…so much so that I had to remind him to NOT be too noisy (not that there were a lot of people there to disturb anyway).


Ethan chose several books and we sat at the table to read them.  Then I taught him how to put the books back in the rack or the bins so the librarians could arrange them back again.

My only complaint about the children’s library was that the books were very old, and during the time we were there, I didn’t really see any books that were that good.  But the important thing was that Ethan had fun!

I told him we could borrow the books, but he told me he wanted to BUY them! LOL

Anyway, in the afternoon, we had lunch at Fatty Loh’s at Nagore Road, and then drove to Queensbay Mall, where we went to the bookstore to get some magazines, and then went to the post office to post some letters.  There were some Halloween decorations up then, and Ethan went absolutely crazy!  He of course wanted a picture taken too, but he was moving so much it was hard to get a good shot.

Then we did a quick round of grocery shopping, and headed back for home.

Friday morning, we baked some chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Ethan was asking for it the whole morning, and he was quite the helpful kitchen helper indeed.  He helped me pour the mixture, mixed it, and then he helped to lay out the cupcake wrappers in the molds.  Oh, and of course he helped in eating too!

We did have a great time, and I am quite sure I answered his question when he said, “School’s closed today, Mommy?” 🙂

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Aaawwww…. so fun!!!
    I would have asked for “School close Everyday, Mommy?!!!”


  2. Soo Ming Ooi’s avatar

    I’m not aware that Penang have children library. may i know where is it?
    Ethan sure have a great time at home with mama .



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