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Hannah at 8 months

  Scrap Credits
While Softness QP from Missty Scrap
‘Sweet Baby’ Wordart vol. 2 from Dreams Inspired
Circle Dot Alpha (the number 8) from Laurie’s Scraps

Last weekend, we visited a friend and coincidentally there was also another baby at the house.  I was asked how old Hannah is, and when I said “8 months”, there were gasps all around.  Turns out the other baby is close to a year old, but Hannah looked a wee bit bigger than the baby.


Did not measure but should be close to 10 kilos now.


Getting taller and taller!

Teeth (yup, she has some growing!)

2 bottom incisors, and 2 more at the top are sprouting, I believe!

Motor Skills

  • Can crawl really well now.
  • Attempting to cruise.
  • Loves to hold on to things for support and stands up, e.g. the couch side, cot side, wooden toy, Ethan’s toy train…you get the idea…
  • Casting (throwing) of objects has started.
  • Getting harder and harder to bathe her because she will want to stand up or crawl out of the bathtub!

Communication and Social Skills

  • She sometimes responds/*talks back* to her brother when he *scolds* her or takes her toys away.
  • More pronounced verbalization of sounds.  I’m hoping she’ll call “Mommy” any day now 🙂
  • Can wave hi and bye.  I’ve also caught her waving to her reflection in the mirror.
  • Can give a high 5, well…more like a low 5.  I offer her my palm and she’ll high/low 5 it! 🙂
  • She is usually independent enough to play on her own, provided there is someone around in sight.  Will cry if she does not see anyone around.
  • Hannah has learnt the art of smiling into the camera when prompted. 🙂

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and is taking a little bit of solids too.  She has a solid meal once a day in the evenings, but it is more for tasting rather than making her full. She takes a combination of any of the following now:

  • Rice cereal + EBM
  • Pureed pear
  • Pureed apple
  • Pureed carrot
  • Pureed potato
  • A little bit of water.

Her favorite right now is Pureed carrot + rice cereal + EBM.  I normally add some rice cereal and EBM to the fruit/vegetable purees to make it creamier in texture.

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Happy 8th Month cutie!



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