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Bible Verse of the Day

Affectionate Hannah

Maybe it’s because we kiss Hannah all the time…how can we not when she flashes that adorable smile, with the almost-there dimple on her chubby cheeks?  Yeah, it has to be because we are incredibly affectionate with her, so much so that the affection we shower on her has made her affectionate too.

When I carry Hannah, she would hug me tight, sometimes using both hands to hold my head or my face, and attempt to kiss or chomp on my cheek or chin.  A similar trait that was exhibited by Ethan last time.


Last weekend when we visited Ethan and Hannah’s cousin Phoebe, Hannah was all affectionate again.  Crawling over to stroke Phoebe’s head, attempting to hug and kiss her…maybe Hannah thought Phoebe was a big soft toy for her to play with!

She’s also very loving and affectionate towards Ethan, but Ethan will run away from Hannah whenever Hannah comes a-crawling.  He’ll shout, “Hannah’s coming!”  and run very quickly away.

How can we ever resist affection from our little sweet Hannah? 🙂


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