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School’s out, but we’ll see you soon!

Today marks the last day of the schooling year for Ethan.  I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months since he started school.  Feels just like yesterday that I was bringing a clingy toddler to class, and now, I’m glad to see that he is happy to go to school every day.

It certainly makes it easier when I see him ask to “wear his bag” and run eagerly to his class.  He’ll say bye to me, and when I pick him up, he’ll exclaim, “Mommy!” as he runs to hug me.

He’ll tell me all about his day in school, who he played with, what he did, and sometimes he would proudly bring back and show me the art and craftwork he has done.

It makes me proud too that he has made many new friends in school.  In fact, when I show him a picture of his classmates, he can remember ALL of their names!

His grasp of the alphabet and phonics has also increased tremendously, and even though he was only introduced to the Letterland characters in August (when teacher was teaching M), he can remember all of them now.  I was really amazed, and still am.

He has also surprised me when he started counting in Mandarin!  His school employs a dual-language approach, and although he sometimes looks a little bit confused when the teacher speaks in Mandarin, I’ve caught him singing in Mandarin too!  And sometimes, he tells me he learns “Chinese” 😛


Of course, he’s also had his share of fun in school.  From birthday celebrations, to bringing goodie bags back from school, to special events, Ethan certainly enjoys it. 

His class had a little  Halloween class celebration not too long ago, where the kids had a fun activity to paint a *ghost* made from dough.

Ethan is a very *work-proud* boy and when he brought his YELLOW ghost back home, he could not stop showing it around.

And of course, nothing beats that smile on his face when we praise him sky high for his beautifully painted yellow ghost! 🙂

So school ended with a blast, or rather a SPLASH, today as the kids all had a great time playing in the giant rubber pool in the school compound.

On the way back from school today, Ethan told me, “I had so much fun in school today Mommy!”

I’ve no doubt you did, sweetie… 🙂

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    🙂 Where is this school?



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