Bible Verse of the Day

When my girl comes out to play


Hannah loves to play with toys, especially those that belong to Ethan’s.  Unfortunately most of the time when she attempts to play with his toys or read his books, all she gets is Ethan saying, “NO!  These are MINE!” or “MY Toys!” or “Hannah, play with the Alphabet Zoo!” (she has a spinning Alphabet Zoo toy that is catered for kids 6 months and over, and Ethan has learnt to *assign* that toy to her)

Obviously playing with just one toy is never enough and Hannah gets bored after a while.  But too bad she is not *allowed* to touch other toys most of the time.

So what’s a girl to do?

She’ll sometimes stay up late, and wait for her big brother to sleep and THEN she’ll have full reign over all the toy cars, trains and books she has been barred from touching. 🙂

  1. MieVee @’s avatar

    Adorable girl! Hope Big Brother Ethan would learn to share his toys with Mei-Mei soon. 🙂

    Joyce says: Oh he shares them sometimes actually…it depends on his mood! 🙂


  2. Paik ling’s avatar

    Oh, poor girl!! But she really is obedient as in listening to her brother? She doesn’t attempt to snatch the toy away?

    Joyce says: Oh yes, she retaliates too and sometimes screams aloud in self defense. hehehe.


  3. Collin’s avatar

    oh no! She doesn’t get to sleep much then! poor Hannah!

    perhaps early training to watch late night footie matches with Daddy? Hee!

    Joyce says: Yeah, we are wondering how she still stays so active with so little sleep! Oh yes, in preparation for World Cup perhaps? 🙂


  4. KittyCat’s avatar

    Hahaha, clever girl!!!

    Joyce says: Of course, we are wondering where she gets her energy if she sleeps so little!



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